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guest blogging opportunity
Have something to say that is related to any of this blog’s categories? Is it too long to be a simple comment? Let your piece of mind along with your media links appear on this blog! Here’s what you need to do Write a unique, non promotional and interesting article(at least […]

Ongoing guest blogging opportunity

  Your home should be your family’s safe refuge. It should be where kids can have fun and spend time with their parents. While staying indoors can help you get more sleep, spend more time with our family, and enjoy quality entertainment, it can also make you overlook air quality. […]

3 Significant Reasons Why You Need to Buy an Air ...

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CBD is being widely researched by scientists and chemists because of its properties and to segregate it from the psychoactive ingredients of cannabis.  This is an innovation in today’s medicine. Plus, it’s all organic, so you and I don’t have to worry about toxic chemicals entering our bodies. If you […]

How CBD Oil worked for my Back Pain

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Although many practise Yoga for relaxation or leisure, there are some hidden secrets that many might not be aware of. And one of those important points is that it faciliates the flow of “prana”, which is also known as the lifeforce of the body. And the stronger the flow, the […]

Using Yoga To Open Up Your Chakras For Health

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Even the most articulated vacation plans can sometimes be dashed by forgetting essential items. Essential items of basic comfort are the most likely to be overlooked, and when this happens, trust me you are on the part to total frustration on that trip especially if you have no way to […]

Vacation house essentials that make your holiday more pleasant

Social media networking has reached impressive milestones. Like Facebook and Twitter now Instagram is on the peak of attention these days. From celebrities, musicians, artists to businessmen and welfare workers many people around the globe use Instagram for the promotion and publicity of their work. For such social promotional campaigns […]

How To Add A Lot Of Links On Instagram With ...

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Among the skills that are essential for a person to succeed in life both personally and professionally are empathy and kindness. To be able to provide emotional support to others, spread harmony in the society and build happy and healthy relationships, it is vital to have the ability to put […]

7 Ways to Teach Your Kids Empathy and Kindness

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Today’s guest blogger will tell us how the mindfulness app came about:   “I’m not a rock star app developer…. Or even a guy who wants to build the next ‘unicorn’ business.  I’m just an ordinary bloke with an ordinary job who wanted to do the extra-ordinary – live my […]

I Couldn’t Stay Present… So I Developed an App!

Located on the roof of the world, and crowned as the largest and highest plateau, Tibet is enormous and full of wonders. We has sufficient reasons to call it the “Roof of the World”: With an average elevation exceeding 4,500 meters, and with an area of 2,500,000 square kilometers. Magnificent […]

Why so many people want to travel to Tibet

Says the duo Faemino and tired in the brochure as at home, no talking! That he would like people to laugh at least twenty-three times, and that when they left the theater they were better people and found the meaning of life. The first wish has been fulfilled. Many begin […]

Anatomy of the sense of humour

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Let’s start with the obvious, Malta is an absolutely wonderful place to live. The weather is fantastic, the people are easy going and there are so many hidden treasures that you will keep discovering new things about the island even if you have lived on it for decades. With all […]

5 Things to Consider Before You Move to Malta

If you are among those who have read additional pieces at the website of E&TJ, it is likely that you will be familiar with posts concerning reasons to work within a number of engineering industry sectors. Oil and gas may well be largely absent from the discussion, as many worry […]

Oil And Gas Jobs – A Guide

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When you think of bedtime routines, you probably think of your children, but bedtime routines are important for adults, too. Adults have quite a full plate of responsibilities, and some people suffer from insomnia. Others have different sleep issues, and a proper routine at bedtime can help solve many problems. […]

Develop A Proper Bedtime Routine With Healthy Habits For A ...

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Getting a loan isn’t easy and can take time and also a lot of prep – here’s how to not only get one but also at a great rate.   Ensure that the personal loan offers you the best deal People will get a personal loan and use it for […]

7 Tips for Applying for Loan

humidity problems and fixes in the house
During the summer, high humidity is often a problem for many people. High humidity not only makes being outside uncomfortable, but it also makes your home’s interior uncomfortable, regardless of the temperature setting on your air conditioner. Your unit works much harder to fight humidity in the summer, which can put […]

Summer High Humidity Problems and Fixes

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guest blogging opportunity
      Fashion is no longer something reserved for women. In modern world, it is just as important for men to keep up with the trends and stay fashionable. In this article I will give you few casual fashion tips that might take your looks to a higher level. […]

Understanding The Background Of Men’s Casual Fashion Tips

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Our guest blogger today will talk us through why you don’t need an air-popping machineif you have vision and one of these. One of the biggest problems that people face in their lives is having too much stuff. If you look around your kitchen, your countertops have probably been overrun […]

Why You Don’t Need An Air-Popping Machine If You Have ...

Lovers pillowcase set
Find the Best Bedding Accessories to Give a Natural Comfort to your Whole Body While Sleeping While making a selection for your bedding, the most important factor that must never be neglected is quality. The higher the quality would be, the more comfortable the bedding would become. People seem curious […]

Bedding Accessories For Full Body Comfort During Sleep

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Winter is already here, dark evenings and cold weather have come with it. So what should you do to occupy yourself and stay warm? Why not get yourself to bed, get warm and stick on a movie? Here is a list of our top films to snuggle up in your […]

More Movies to Watch in Bed This Season

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Gift giving is one of my favorite topics and the more personal one can make it, the better. (see how to create your own recipe book and gift it to whomever likes your cooking most). Today’s guest will talk us through the psychological and emotional benefits of gift giving.   “A major […]

The Psychological and Emotional Aspects of Gift Giving