Lego Figure in a Transparent Melt and Pour Soap Base
Some time ago, we played with soap – Ivory Soap. We cooked it in the microwave and got a soap cloud that provided hours of fun for the kids and for mom as well. Since then, I got into soap making. I started with a simple Cold Process soap and […]

Melt and Pour Soap Making with Kids

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 My 8 yr. old quotes Einstein!!! well, almost… “Got you with my laser!” growled our 6 year old daughter, waving her Little Princess bedroom flashlight in front of her brothers nose…so far so normal , a typical bedtime until…..”It’s not!” barked her 8 year old brother…”Laser light is parallel”… Where […]

Powering My Children’s Learning

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Emotional literacy is the ability to understand and manage emotions in oneself and in others and it needs to be modeled  more than  taught  because people are different and are affected by theirs and other’s emotions differently. Emotional literacy includes skills such as emotional control, recognizing own emotional state, managing emotions, recognizing other’s emotional state, […]

Emotional Competence and Bullying

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The debate of homeschooling vs traditional school has been prevalent for decades. And it is still not been establish what is better. Although from my own experience and knowledge I can say one thing, there is no one size fits all answer to this. For some children traditional schooling is […]

The Best Toys to Assist Homeschooling

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Going to school for the first time is an exciting time and the start of a great journey. However, it can be difficult to know which school to send your kids to, so here are some top tips. Plan Ahead You need to find out about the deadlines for application […]

How To Choose The Best Primary School For Your Little ...

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Enough falling asleep with the kids’ bedtime story book in my hands. I reached the conclusion that a good children book is only a good children’s book as long as the grown-ups enjoy reading it. (For best books for under two year olds look here). I am talking about small […]

Children Treasury of Mom or Dad Enjoying the Bedtime Story

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How can we provide an environment in which children feel safe without turning them into cotton wool children, who are afraid of their own shadow? a question we’re not asking ourselves often enough. Instead, we  are putting too much effort onto providing a ‘safe’ environment. But a safe environment is […]

Idle Parenting vs Cotton Wool Children

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Children’s sense of identity is important to their healthy development. It is our duty help them maintain and develop their sense of identity, and foster their resilience by carefully exposing them to adverse circumstances. Children can be helped to maintain and develop their identity in adverse circumstances by effective support from […]

Fostering Resilience and Encouraging a Healthy Sense of Identity in ...

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How Celebrity Beauty Image Affect our Children Celebrities are idolized by society; this gives them the power to define many ideals. Celebrity appearance, their likes and dislikes are taken by young mind as the ideal. This has been the source of many conflicts and complexes children encounter and develop while […]

How Celebrity Beauty Image Affect our Children

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** This post contains affiliate links and I’ll be compensated should you make a purchase by following them.  The best way to teach children anything these days is through fun activities. When children enjoy what they do, the learning is only a side effect of the activity. Luckily we, parents, […]

Fun Learning Activities for children

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Sponsored post: This post contains affiliate links Finding just the right tutor often feels like a mission impossible. One-to-one tutoring can make a world of difference to scholars of any age. Whatever they need to learn, maybe advanced maths, music, or a foreign language, if the tutor is a good […]

How to Find the Right Academic Tutor

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Between ballet and swimming lessons, a second language class, and financial responsibility sessions, you may be hesitant to add another activity to your child’s schedule. Life surely does get busy for kids these days, but if they enjoy the activities then these are great ways to learn. Music lessons can enrich children’s […]

Music Lessons for Children – a must have activity

We all want to help our children on their journey in life and ensuring they learn a second language will provide them with better opportunities in life apart from enhancing their overall ability in all areas of development: A usable skill that they can travel and find employment with from […]

Better life opportunities for multi-lingual children