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Home made Castile Soap recipe
Soap making instructions Picnic in the Forest Dotty Soap Recipe 500 grams Olive oil, 150 grams Coconut oil, 50 grams Shea butter Sodium hydroxide as calculated by this lye calculator with 10% Superfat Coconut water and coconut milk: 300 grams 1tsp Honey Pre-made dots: chocolate soap, cocoa soap, aromatic herbs soap, honey […]

DIY Cold Process Polka Dots Scented Soap

The benefits of Olive Oil Soap
Most home made soap recipes I came across, recommend adding  coconut oil to the home made cold process soaps as it helps create a rich lasting lather, but as I had some leftover fresh coconut milk plus the coconut water that nobody likes to drink, I made a batch of 100% olive […]

Olive Oil and Coconut Milk Home Made Soap

Solid Shampoo for Dry Hair and Itchy scalp Recipe and Instructions. DIY
Although I’m fairly happy with my conventional store bought shampoo, I made this solid shampoo bar just because I can and I love making home made and natural stuff. I live in an area with hard water and I read that shampoo bars are not ideal as hard water and home […]

Solid Shampoo Recipe for Dry Hair

red, yellow, blue owl kitchen timer
The high street used to be my top favorite place for vintage-inspired and independently designed clothing and accessories but just after the online launching of various home decor collections, the internet is my favorite destination when it comes to adding a touch of character, vintage, and indie style to my […]

Decoration Kitchen and all Around the Home

10 Decor Hacks To Give Your Home That Rugged And Natural Feel With the rapidly growing infrastructure all over the world, it is a luxury to be with nature. Very few homes have open gardens and lawns where they can grow various plants and enjoy the beauties that nature has […]

10 Decor Hacks To Give Your Home That Rugged And ...

Deodorants are substances applied to the body to avoid body odor emanating from bacterial breakdown of perspiration in sweat sensitive parts of the body such as armpits, feet’s and other sweat prone parts. Another subgroup of deodorant is the antiperspirants, these substances prevent excessive sweat as well as controls odor. […]

Best eco-friendly deodorants that you can use

lights in the city
As the darker nights approach, many of us start to think about lighting, and in particular solar wall lights. If you are concerned about the performance of your solar lights, maybe these helpful tips will help you to get more out of them. How do solar lights function? Solar wall […]

How can I make sure the best performance from my ...

water fountain
For company owners, homeowners, guests, and wildlife, there are many different benefits to an outdoor fountain.  Regardless of whether the fountain is located in the backyard, the front yard, in a public seating area or a private garden, the sound and appearance of the water will not improve the enjoyment […]

Benefits of a Water Fountain

home, house, living, family
Lately we’re all more aware of the dangers of harsh chemicals that most household cleaning products contain. We know that often what we put on our skin, although smells nice and may give us an immediate benefit, in the long run, harms our largest organ –  the skin. Most importantly, […]

Pocket and Planet Friendly Home and Baby Care Products

sustainable food packaging
Green habits at home can make a great contribution to the environment and reduce your living costs. A few simple principles will make a big difference, and if you involve your kids as well, they will quickly adopt habits that become second nature as they grow up. Most people want […]

Green tech advances for the home

You want your home to be comfortable for you and your family. All the devices you use at home consume energy. As a responsible citizens, we can all take simple steps to save energy everyday. In this informative infographic, we show how to make your home energy efficient. The largest consumers […]

Energy  Efficient Home

Ethical Gift Shopping around the world
Let’s buy less mass produced goods for a change and whenever possible, buy more ethical, fair trade ecological and hand made goods, especially when they are so much more fun to us and so much more helpful to the people who make their life livable by crafting them. Just have a look […]

The conscious consumer shops Fair Trade, Ecological and Ethical

adding salt in cold process home made soap
I was looking for a way to achieve the cleansing, exfoliating and detoxifying qualities of a salt spa bath  in a handmade natural soap. That meant that I had to attempt making a salt soap. Here’re a few of the benefits of a sea salt soap on the skin:  Sea salt draw toxins […]

Adding Salts to Home Made Soap

home decor leather bucket for storing everyday essentials in the living room
January is usually the time of the year when we realize there’s not enough room in our houses. Too many magazines, recipe books, novels, children’s toys, blankets and throws and all sort of knick knacks laying around the house and failing to fit anywhere. There’s storage in the house yes, […]

Handy but out of the way decorative storage

Lights can create the perfect space and atmosphere, in the same time adding a bold and beautiful statement in interior design. Whether you’ve been looking for the perfect lighting fixture, ecological lighting solutions or simply energy savings light bulbs,  look no further than this amazing lighting shop where you may […]

Home Decor Aspects: Lighting

Green shop, ecological, cheap
Being “green” has been such a trend lately and many of us have been fooled into believing we’re saving the world. This post is about greenwashing. Greenwashing means making misleading statements about how eco-friendly a product or service is. Companies often make deceptive, although not completely untrue, claims. For example, […]

Being Green doesn’t have to cost the Earth.