Perfectly risen and fluffy french butter croissants recipe the easy way in the breadmaker
Up until recently, when I craved homemade french croissants, I simply bought a box of ready-made ones and heated them in the oven for 5 minutes or I used to buy puff pastry from the supermarket, cut it into triangles, roll it and bake it. But somehow those weren’t quite […]

Home Made French Butter Croissants in The Bread Making Machine

Chia seeds have been cultivated since Aztec times and cherished by Aztec people as a healthy source of energy and quality nutrients in their diet.  The first time I heard about Chia seeds was when I’ve got a Chia Pet; it was good fun to watch the seeds sprouting and […]

The Health Benefits of Including Chia Seeds in Everyday Diet

Quiche Lorraine fast and easy recipe
How summer weather calls for summer recipes, foods that can also be eaten cold the next day. Today I’ve made a Quiche Lorraine or, to put it in plain English, a flan with bacon, onion and cheese. It was delicious straight out of the oven and very yummy straight out […]

Home made Quiche Lorraine or Flan Recipe

bacon pastry
    Bacon and cheesy indeed. These puff pastry triangles are so easy and fast to make, I don’t even know why I bother writing the recipe, maybe because sometimes we need reminding that the best things in life are easy and requires very little work. And because my children […]

Easy Recipe for Kids Puff Pastry with Cheese and Bacon

Pasta Carbonara with green vegetables and easy carbonara sauce
Do you still buy those Ready Made Pasta Carbonara Sauce Sachets and Jars from the Supermarket because you think such a sauce is tricky to make? I used to or I used to make a simple double cream a cheese sauce (no eggs) and say that’ll do. Not anymore. A […]

Easy Carbonara Sauce Recipe for Pasta

a freshly baked bread, crusty and soft, no knead, recipe and image
This is a very simple recipe for the most delicious home made bread I ever made. No kneading, no hard work, just patience and delicious results. It’s the time, that does the kneading in this case. 12 to 18 hours will do the hard work and the result is so much […]

Overnight no knead Home Baked Bread