Deserts and Puddings.

cocoa nibs image
Snacking on Cocoa Nibs improves your mood, increases your energy, and lowers your appetite for fatty unhealthy foods – to list just a few health benefits.  What are cocoa nibs? Cacao nibs or cocoa nibs are perfectly roasted cocoa beans separated from their husks and broken into small pieces. Cocoa […]

The Health Benefits of Cocoa Nibs

Chia seeds have been cultivated since Aztec times and cherished by Aztec people as a healthy source of energy and quality nutrients in their diet.  The first time I heard about Chia seeds was when I’ve got a Chia Pet; it was good fun to watch the seeds sprouting and […]

The Health Benefits of Including Chia Seeds in Everyday Diet

delicious chocolate cake using green tea powder for its antioxidant and slimming effects
I love chocolate, the darker the better, and anyone who browses through my blog can see I include it in my diet as much as I can. I am a healthy eating enthusiast as well and I keep coming across articles and research results that point to green tea as […]

Healthy Chocolate Green Tea Cake

image, apricot, almonds and peach desert crumble served with vanilla icecream on top
This is a very versatile and easy to put together desert recipe that will have all your guests or family members begging for second servings. Ingredients:  For the fruity layer: handful of dried apricots, 8 ripe and juicy peaches sprinkled with sugar; small handful of muesli and crushed almonds For the crumble mixture: […]

Home Made Fruit Crumble Desert Recipe

whole strawberry preserve topping for cheesecake
Some weeks ago I made some strawberry jam and syrup. I didn’t chop or mash the strawberries for the jam because I like them whole – so I shall call it strawberry preserve really. The jam or preserve makes a great topping for this cheesecake recipe and is very accessible: […]

3 Layer Biscuit Strawberry and Cheese Cake Recipe

No Flour Double Rich Chocolate Cake
As I just finished my super delicious and scrumptious gluten free,  flour free) chocolate and cocoa nibs cake I made earlier today and I’ve got nothing else more exciting to share with you at this moment, I shall share the recipe. Ingredients:  6  squares (6 ounces) coarsely chopped dark chocolate […]

Flour Free Cocoa Rich Chocolate Nibs Cake Recipe

Glace Cherry in a Pineapple Upsidedown cake
  As I couldn’t decide between the pretty but slightly bland tasting upside down pineapple cake and the zesty, slightly sour lemon cake I went for the two: in one.  It came out fluffy, moist and  delicious so  here I am sharing it with you in my  first ever blog post about […]

Pineapple upside down lemon cake with a cherry on top