Gadgets that make it into a perfect gift

Have you ever wondered if you need 3D Product Renderings? Technology is making great strides in facilitating the way you do things in all areas of life and industry. Day by day, people make advances and present new technologies. In the world of design, traditional photography is slowly but surely […]

Why You Need 3D Product Renderings

up the wall chess set, vertical chess set,
This is just perfect gift for those slow chess players who take ages till they decide on the right move: Stick it on the wall and let the game go on for days and weeks. Just love it. Apart from being a mind challenge every day, this is also a […]

Gift for Chess Lovers: Vertical Chess Set

iphone amplifier that looks like a piece of ceramic italian art.
A GREAT GIFT FOR ANYONE WHO LOVES NATURAL MUSIC!  Who says that amplifiers must be black, wired, and most often ugly. I like my music to flow out from my ipone without compromising on my home decor. I like my amplifier to be portable and pretty. If it’s made from […]

The best natural wood acoustic i-phone amplifier

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As a busy mom and blogger, I am regularly using my computer to keep up with work, teach my kids, and research the things I am passionate about. These tasks are practically impossible to accomplish when my computer begins to slow down. If you have ever had this happen—which I’m […]

7 Helpful hints for Keeping your Electronics Running Smoothly

Social media networking has reached impressive milestones. Like Facebook and Twitter now Instagram is on the peak of attention these days. From celebrities, musicians, artists to businessmen and welfare workers many people around the globe use Instagram for the promotion and publicity of their work. For such social promotional campaigns […]

How To Add A Lot Of Links On Instagram With ...

i love picture to people example text generator
Good news today, as I just discovered the online place that will give me all the special effects generators for images and text generators I always coveted but never actually bought. Well, it’s good thing I waited because I can now get pretty much what I wanted absolutely free. That’s it, no […]

The Free Online Photo Editor That I’ve Been Waiting For

Electric Deep Skin Cleanser and Facial Massage
If you’re using Sonicare toothbrush and noticed how much more effective that is compared with others, then read on because there’s another gadget that just showed up on the market, designed to bring us the benefits od Sonicare technology, this time on the skin. Good news. Developed by the lead […]

Technology in our hands: deep skin cleansing at home.

Whatever we’re writing, most of us are going backwards and forwards editing, deleting, rephrasing and checking for errors and we’re still left with a certain degree of uncertainty with regards to whether the message can be conveyed in a better way.  Sometimes, we need to get the text proofread by […]

How to Perfect your Writing Style

ox xmountain lion, app, iTunes, App Store, Mac App Store
I am so grateful for the huge range of apps that we can get these days. It seems there is an app for everything and although, some of them are unnecessarily complicating our lives, others are absolutely life changers. So between the many apps that I use with my iPad, […]

My Top 5 Apps from iTunes