Best Ways to Relax at the End of the Day

It’s over. Finally.

After a long day sitting through Psych 102 lectures, fake-smiling at oversharing customers, or trying to haggle a good deal on Birmingham homes for sale, take a deep breath, kick off your shoes, and…

And…And… what?

Looking for some ideas for squeezing the maximum amount of relaxation from your precious leisure time? Try one of these.

Take a Hot Bath

This one is a personal favorite, especially in the wintertime. One of the keys to scratching that R&R itch is getting away from the world, slowing your mind, and enjoying some “you” time. What better place to find privacy than the bathroom?

Fill the tub with hot water (not too hot!) and just soak for a while. Not only is it good for the mind, it’s good for the body as well, easing away your aches and pains. Bring your phone with you (don’t drop it!) or, if you’re one of those people who finds it hard to unplug from school or work, read a book. If you like, dimmed lights and scented candles or incense really up the luxury factor.

Play with Your Pet

After a long day, many of us feel like we’d be happy never seeing another human being again. Animals, however, are a different story. If you’re anything like me, just being in the presence of my furry friend is enough to instantly lighten my mood.

Studies show that pet owners live longer, happier lives. Animals reduce stress, improve self-esteem, give motivation, inspire laughter, and provide unconditional love. Chances are your pet has been waiting all day while you’ve been out waiting for you to come home. All they want is a little TLC and they’re more than happy to give you the same thing in return.

Give Yoga a Try

Physical exercise? After a hard day? Isn’t this supposed to be about relaxing? While some may find pumping iron or jogging the block restful, most of us would rather not break a sweat when we’re trying to unwind. Luckily, yoga is different from other kinds of exercise.

Though versatile and effective for improving fitness, yoga is less about raising your heart rate and more about centering your mind. Kind of like meditation, just with stretching. I’m sure all of us would love to have our own private masseuses, but until we win the lottery, yoga poses provide an excellent way to soothe the muscles and work out the kinks.

Netflix and Chill

Inner peace and oneness with the universe not really your thing? That’s okay, it’s not all it’s cracked up to be. Curling up on the couching and vegging out in front of the TV, though? That’s always relaxing (unless you’re watching sports, that is).

Buzzkills may dismiss binge-watching Netflix shows as a mindless activity but, well, that’s the whole point. Turning off your brain and forgetting your troubles for even a little while isn’t easy. Being able to immerse yourself so much that you stop thinking about the upcoming PTA conference in favor of obsessing over Baby Yoda is what makes fiction so special.