Benefits of a Water Fountain

For company owners, homeowners, guests, and wildlife, there are many different benefits to an outdoor fountain.  Regardless of whether the fountain is located in the backyard, the front yard, in a public seating area or a private garden, the sound and appearance of the water will not improve the enjoyment of the space; however, it can be a problem to a person’s financial situation and health.  If you are considering purchasing and installation of an outdoor fountain, it is important that you consider these several benefits:


  1. The Soothing Sound Of The Water


For thousands of years, Buddhist monks have included water features in their gardens for the meditative benefit of the soothing sounds.  Water imagery has also become a typical part of contemporary meditation and visualization exercises.  Evidence has shown that the sound of running water is a natural psychological relaxant and can help people unwind, even to the extent that the individual will fall asleep.


Outdoor water fountains, such as those from Outdoor Fountain Pros, provide this stress-reducing benefit regardless of whether the water is babbling in the background or one is intentionally listening to the sound.  Fountains tend to reinforce this stress reduction by drowning out other irritating sounds, such as construction work, traffic, nearby conversations, barking dogs, and other annoyances.


  1. Birds Enjoy Fountains


For people who enjoy the advantages of bird feeders, the outdoor fountain is a natural extension of the feeder.  All birds require water to drink, bathe, and preen; therefore, birds will visit areas with water.  A bird that does not typically visit a bird feeder, such as robins, warblers, orioles, and thrushes, will be drawn to fountains.  The majority of birds prefer running water to still water, which is why outdoor fountains are more attractive than birdbaths.  Fountains trickle and splash making them audible from long distances, and this will attract birds to the area.


  1. Pets Prefer Outdoor Fountains


Any individual who owns a dog that enjoys ‘yard time’ understands the significance of fresh water being available.  This is particularly true in the hot summer months when four-legged members of the family will spend time drinking water wherever they can find it.  Dogs enjoy the constant flow of fresh water in fountains and see them as similar to an endlessly refreshing water bowl.  Furthermore, a constantly flowing outdoor fountain requires less cleaning than a bowl of still, warm water that easily collects drool, plant matter, and insects.


  1. Customers Love Them


Foot traffic is an important source of clientele and is significant for any company with a storefront area.  Outdoor fountains are able to offer an ‘edge’ over the company’s competition.  Retail stores, salons, yoga studios, and many other types of businesses can benefit from a visible outdoor water feature.  Bars, restaurants, and cafes with outside seating will attract new consumers with relaxing displays of clear, clean water.  The pleasant atmosphere developed by a fountain can promote loyalty and bring repeat customers.


  1. People’s Bodies And Brains Love Them


Outdoor water fountains are able to add humidity to dry environments; thereby, working as natural air purifiers attracting and removing the toxins from the air.  Evidence has also shown that flowing water is a natural form of producing negative ions and this can have various positive effects on a person’s mood and health.


The way this works is that negative ions increase the production of serotonin, boost energy levels, and reduce feelings of depression.  While electronic devices and air conditioners remove negative ions from the air, fountains and other types of moving water features are able to reintroduce them to the air.


  1. Feng Shui


Water plays a crucial role in Feng Shui – an ancient art of spatial arrangement in the Chinese culture.  In fact, the name ‘Feng Shui’ can be translated to mean ‘wind and water’.  According to the principles of this technique, water can restore balance in an environment and can generate advantageous energy.  If an outdoor fountain is found in the front area of a property and flows only one way, the water flowing to the house will represent abundance and prosperity.