Beautiful Natural Hair Delivered

Beautiful hair is one of my favorite subjects and luckily today’s guest blogger will tell us how to achieve gorgeous hair:

It doesn’t matter whether you’re looking to steal the show at prom or be the center of attraction at your best friend’s wedding, you can win it all as long as your hair is done properly and you are able to carry it elegantly with style. Whether it’s your boyfriend that you’re trying to impress or your husband to keep drooling over you, the truth is that perfect hair does half the magic.


Being busy in daily chores we hardly get time to nourish our hair. I don’t remember the last time I gave my hair a break from all the chemicals that we use for coloring and styling frequently. It was a year back when I discovered that my hair was growing thin and fragile. Even light brushing with reduced frequency of straightening didn’t seem to help. It was no more fun for me to lie down on his lap and let him run his fingers though my hair. I looked gross at work and my confidence was shattered. A week before our planned annual family get-together in the Bahamas, my worries got to me and I knew something badly needed to be done for my short, not-so-easy to handle fragile hair. I couldn’t possibly run to a hair dresser every day for the four-day fiesta. It was like a ‘Deal With It Now!’ kind of situation with major possibility of a chaos.


Nevertheless, I had an appointment with my hair dresser and his recommendation for hair extensions proved a blessing. Initially, my reaction to it was a big NO. Why would I want horse hair pinned to my pony tail? Right? Later that day I searched online and came across Virgin Hair. After discovering that they actually provide human hair extensions, I felt like giving it a try. So I took a leap of faith and ordered my package online at The online ordering experience was great and they guided me all the way from selection to purchase ensuring I get the perfect product per my desired color and length. The package was at my doorstep within three days and here I was all excited and hoping for a great new look. By now you can easily guess that I got them installed the very day just in time before our get-together.


Bamm… the extensions turned out to be great. They added volume and the bounce was simply immense. I made a top knot and it looked perfect with bold lips marking my entrance as a celebrity at the first day of fiesta. I was glowing and my hair simply kept perfect for the rest of days to follow. As expected, I got lots of comments but particularly it were inquires about the ‘Secret’ to my healthy and long hair that were overwhelming. Ha-ha! Of course I dint tell anyone but I guess it’s too much to be kept inside this long. So here I am sharing my wonderful experience with ya’all with high hopes to help anyone who needs a break from ‘Bad Hair Days’ like me. The texture is perfect to keep the extensions hidden making them blend-in as original. So if you want to look fabulous and classy in no time then virgin hair extensions from are your best option. You can straighten them, dye them or simply curl them; and yeah I bet you’ll love them even more at the wholesale price that they’re being offered for!