As the Flowers Bloom – a Must Read Book Synopsis

book to readThe glare of the bright lights on the stage blinded her for a moment. Her heart was in overdrive and she was afraid that the audience could hear it beating. Her palms were sweating, and little beads of sweat were forming on her for head.

Cherish an abused and neglected woman who always had a gift of dance has finally got a chance to dance on the big stage. Never having any formal training, it was clear Cherish was gifted.

Cherish at the age of six was a child prostitute trafficked by her father. Although severely sexually and mentally abused, Cherish manages to overcome many obstacles to follow her dream of becoming a dancer.

At the age of twelve Cherish runs away from home with a man she met because of tricking.  Only to find out that the streets of Philadelphia were as cruel as her home. She would be introduced to drugs and more prostitution.

After a few years of constant abuse from being on the streets Cherish meets a woman name Dorothy who was the owner of a well-known hair salon. Dorothy was known for helping young girls get off the streets. She had a house for wayward girls who wanted help. One day as Cherish was begging for money MS. Dorothy offered her help. Although spectacle of everyone, Cherish excepts the help to get off the streets.

Now 21, Cherish has managed to her G.E.D. Cherish tried to get into schools for dance but couldn’t afford tuition and no one would give her a scholarship. She stayed in clubs trying to get noticed but nothing. If there were any dance auditions in town she was there. So, Cherish worked at the salon as a stylist by day and at gentleman club stripping at night. She has an apartment, money, and few friends. Stilling looking for love Cherish meets an older man who at the time seems to be her prince charming.

After being rescued by prince charming, life is looking up. He is a musician who has connections in the world of dance. He also has a dark side and is very controlling. Cherish once again will learn a different truth.

While touring with prince charming, Cherish is again dragged into a downward spiral.

Cherish is devastated over choices she has made in her life and is more determined to fight and defeat the darkness that surrounds her. Prince Charming becomes mentally and physically abusive. With only a couple hundred dollars in the bank and her self-esteem severely damaged, Cherish steps out on faith and leaves the abusive relationship. She joins a spiritual dance company.

 Though Cherish is still sad over the past, she has found a place among the world of dance, and with it, she will continue to fight the inner demons as they arise. 

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cheCheryl t long was born and raised in Philadelphia and has always loved writing stories. Cheryl had one vision in her mind- give the people around her an imaginative outlet. Always trying to find new avenues to express herself, she has two blogs and dear daughters love mom which she uses to reach her ever growing audience. Cheryl is a mother of 4 and enjoys cooking.As the Flowers Bloom” is her debut Urban Drama series, which will  be published through Amazon, Create space and Kindle Select just to name a few. Urban Drama, although, isn’t the only genre that interests Cheryl.  She has a great interest in catering to all type of readers.