Artisan Soap Design: Seascape at sunset

I love a good painting and I find landscapes,  fascinating.

Since playing with oils and lye in various attempts to make extra special natural soaps at home, I wanted to combine art and soap making and recreate the seascape that I see on my daily evening walk: turquoise sea, far away mountains that almost blend into the orange sky, sometimes waves and clouds.

Surfing the net for extra kids learning toolscloudsAnd so I came up with the idea to create a soap masterpiece that shows the sun setting over the wavy sea and smells of sea and salt.

This wasn’t a one session soap. I needed lots of elements in my “painting” just like a real artist needs lots of tools colors and all.

Anyway here’s the final soaps (and I’ve got twelve of them)

Soap Art: Sun setting in the sea and an pink orange skyHere’s how I made it:

Home Made Soap from Scratch: Rosemary, Oat and Honey For the sandy beach part, I used cuttings from the Oatmeal Honey and Rosemary soap scented with Rosemary and Thyme EO.Click image to see soap recipe.

I poured the blue sea soap mixture over the previously cuts of soap arranged in the lined soap mold.

Home made Castile Soap For the waves I used shavings of white unscented Castile soap.I pushed them through the blue soap mixture right after pouring in the mold.
For the blues  Well, at that time I didn’t have special soap colorants. I did try two types of blue food coloring in cold process soap and I found that the color gets eaten up by the lye. I did read that food coloring holds pretty well in hot process soap so, the first step was to make a Coconut milk soap and hot process it.
The consistency of the oil and lye paste in liquid soap making Therefore, after the soap traced, instead of pouring it into molds, I put it in a double boiler over a medium heat  until it thickened, gelled, got to the consistency of translucent Vaseline, stirring every 10  minutes. It took about two hours for the soap to go down to an acceptable PH level (the soap PH is acceptable when it passes the tongue test – you take one bit of the soap mixture out of the hot pot, you let it cool, dab it with the finger, then dab the finger on the tip of the tongue. if you feel a tingle or a zap, the PH is still too high so the soap needs more cooking a stirring. If the tongue doesn’t get more than a bad soapy taste, the soap is ready).I added blue food coloring and Patchouli, Sweet Birch and Eucalyptus EO.
For the sun Rebatched coconut milk soap, colored orange, scented with Peppermint Essential Oil with  and rolled into a soap stick.
How to embed shavings of rebatched natural soap to create a sunset soap For the sky, I used Cold process Aloe Vera  soap with added shavings of re batched orange and blue soap pushed and arranged all the way through.The blue shavings, being so thin, lost some of their color in the still active oil and lye mixture.
artisan hand made sunscape soap with blue sea and orange sky I cut the soaps into squares, but later I decided that if I use a round cookie cutter to give the soaps a rounded shape at the top, they will look even better. Moreover, they will cure faster, as the orange and white sky is still soft and squishy. It has been a week since I cut them and laid them outside in shady and covered place to cure and dry. The soaps are slowly drying out and I hope that in a few weeks they’ll be hardened enough to use and give away.