Artificial plants… yes if they’re natural

Do Your Leaves Keep Leaving?

I used to dislike artificial plants. Even the very real looking ones that you sometimes can spot in fancy restaurants. I often check their realness by touching them and end up with a disappointed “Fake!”. Until I received a bouquet of Rubrum & Casablanca Lily It looked amazing. I touched them and realized they’re not real. Silence and disappointment followed!  At a second look I realized that I was holding them in my hands therefore they were real. My fussy side insisted that they were an unnatural bunch.  Well, actually they were made of silk…silk is natural. And they smelled lovely, flowery, green, and natural. After a minute battle between fussy me and positive me, the positive won. the bunch was amazing, 3 weeks later it still fools me, who knows I might just hold on to them for the rest of my life. Why not?

I checked the website where they came from. I kept on browsing and browsing until I became completely converted. I like silk plants. is complete source for home decorating and unique gift giving ideas – offering a superior selection of designer-quality silk flower arrangements, natural looking artificial trees, lifelike silk plants, coordinating containers, and decorative room fragrances. The plants are hand-crafted by floral artisans in Cincinnati, Ohio. The beautiful silk flower arrangements, plants and trees are designed using only the finest silk flowers and artificial foliages available. I agree that those silk flowers are versatile in their use for home decor as well as unique gifts. I’d say that for me, life’s too short and full of preoccupations, to stick with the natural plants, that need regular watering, feeding, trimming, moving from one spot to another because it’s too cold, hot, sunny, windy. Well, I actually like mine a lot and they give me a lot of joy when they’re doing well and a lot of grief when they’re not. But, I still want some silk ones. They hold their natural beauty for years with no maintenance. They look after me!

Here’s my wish list:

Calla Lily BouquetPhalaenopsis OrchidGerbera Daisy

Silk Asian Bamboo Tree - 7.5ftDeluxe Silk Ficus Tree - 7ftSilk Palm & Croton Plant

Shop and don’t forget the Silk Flower & Plant Cleaner

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