Amazing Coffee Making Tips That You Can Try Out Today

Amazing Coffee Making Tips That You Can Try Out Today


When it comes to making coffee, you are always learning new things every time you make this ‘out of this world’ beverage. Such is our love for coffee that we just cannot live without it; well 99.98% coffee drinkers cannot live without it, True Story!

If you love to make coffee at home before leaving to work or just after coming back after a hectic day, you’ll agree that sometimes you make coffee that is amazing and sometimes it is just pretty ordinary. If you want to solve this one of the biggest dilemmas of your life, you better start paying attention to smallest of details.

Here are few tips that can help you in making coffee taste better. So, let’s start this informative ride:

Use a Clean Coffee Gear

You have no idea how many people make the mistake of using coffee gear without properly cleaning it. Do not use soap to clean your coffee gear and it is best to use an extraction device. It is important to clean your grinder because oils start to build up – it can ruin your next batch of coffee beans and most importantly the taste.

Get Fresh Coffee Beans

A lot of people make the mistake of buying pre-ground coffee in bulk. Even buying a bag of pre-ground coffee beans is not recommended at all. It is imperative to understand that coffee beans deliver their peak flavor within days after getting roasted and that is why it is important to consume coffee within the first 2-3 weeks. Older coffee beans deliver an oilier or bitter taste and you definitely do not want that.

Store Coffee Beans Correctly

By storing coffee beans correctly does not mean that you store them in a locker, it means that you store them in an airtight container. The exposure of light and oxygen can make the coffee taste bitter. That is why it is best to store coffee in a vacuum sealed container.

Dedicate a Space for Coffee

Nowdays, kitchens are getting crowded with lot of appliances and equipment. To enjoy a cup of coffee in a hassle free way, try to keep related things close to each other. If possible, mount a cabinet wherever your wall is free (don’t forget the electrical outlet), it can be a kitchen or your living room or anywhere you drink your coffee the most. Put the coffee beans, grinder, coffee cups inside the cabinet and buy an under cabinet coffee maker that mounts below the cabinet and looks good too. This arrangement will always give you a perfect coffee experience everytime.

Grind Matters

According to experts, after a coffee is being ground, it starts to lose its rich taste within 30 minutes. This means that the timing of grind matters a lot: it is best to grind coffee beans right before you are planning to make a cup of coffee. It might be less convenient than using pre-ground coffee, but if you want a perfect cup of coffee then you’ll have to get rid of some of your lazy habits.

The grind size matters a lot as well. If the grind is too coarse then thetaste will be weak and if it is too fine then there will be over-extraction. Make sure that you use burr type grinder to achieve a perfect grind.

Measure Your Coffee

When you are making coffee, it is best to measure coffee by its weight and not volume. According to specialists, the ratio needs to be in such a way that you use 60g of coffee for 1 liter of water e.g. 24.27g of coffee for a 16-ounce cup. You can buy a digital scale that can be used to measure the exact amount of coffee that you’ll need.

Brew at Right Temperature

Expert coffee makers regularly check the temperature while brewing coffee. In order to brew your coffee, the right temperature needs to be between 91 °C to 96 °C. It is best to heat the water is a kettle to achieve the required temperature. Make sure that you do not brew at higher or lower than the recommended temperature, otherwise, you’ll have to drink either a weak or a bitter coffee.


The Bottom Line

You can only make coffee when you start paying attention to smallest of details. Just stay positive before making coffee with a mindset that ‘today I will make the best coffee the world’ and try to stick to the main basics. Experimentation is not discouraged at all. Just enjoy what you do and soon you’ll start making good coffee every single time.