About me

About me

I’m Ally and with this blog, I intend to share my thoughts and experiences in my quest to simplify life. ‘The Simple Life’ is about my quest to find the balance between work and leisure, being a good mom, and finding ‘me’ time which sometimes means multitasking, i.e. blogging while enjoying the breeze at the beach. image of Ally, blogger and social media addict working with the laptop at the beach

I enjoy sharing recipes,  photographs,  parenting thoughts, fashion tips,  product and service reviews, and whatever else tickles my fancy at the time of writing.

At the moment, I am learning a lot about blogging and social influence. I will share my blogging-related findings with you … until the next fad.

Because I am not only a mom or a cook; a wife or a homemaker, a philosopher or a yogi, a blogger or a social influencer … (OK, I’ll stop now …the list can go on forever) , there is no niche here unless there’s something that I’m interested in at any given moment. My latest craze has been soap making. 

Readers, my blog is my dinner party and you’re invited! – all topics welcomed sudden change of subject allowed.

So, any questions, suggestions feel free to post them in the comment box, subscribe to The Simple Life blog, email me at ally@nipnoos.com, or connect with me on these social networks: Google+, Facebook,