A Quick Guide To Finding Affordable, Secure Parking In Big Cities

Many of us who live in or visit big cities will say a quick prayer to the parking gods and hope for the best when trying to find somewhere to park, but there are actually a few ways in which you can make your chances of finding a space that bit better.

 We know the struggle, so we’ve put together a quick guide to helping you find affordable and secure parking whenever you visit the city.


Choose residential areas

If you’re happy to park on the outskirts of a city, with just a short walk or bus ride from the centre, parking in residential areas can be a really good option.


We spoke to Lock Up Garages who said: “Parking legally in residential areas in or surrounding your city of choice can be a really effective method of finding free and usually safe parking. However, some residents of the street you park on may not react kindly to your car being outside of their house, so use this method at your discretion.


“It’s completely within the law to park in residential areas though, as long as you’re aware of the basic legalities of parking, such as no obstructing the pavement, no parking on double yellow, zig-zagged, or red lines, no obstructing people’s driveways, no parking opposite or within ten metres of a junction and everything else you will have learnt in the Highway Code.”


Rent a parking space

Websites such as Gumtree offer hundreds of secure and affordable parking options in cities, especially larger cities.


Lots of people rent out their private parking spaces and garages at reasonable prices and this is a particularly strong option if you’re going to be staying in the city for a while, although you will find parking options being rented out at daily, weekly, and monthly rates.


If you’re going to be staying in accommodation in the city, it’s always worth asking your immediate neighbours and those in the buildings next to you if they have, or know anyone who has, a parking space or garage to rent or lend to you whilst you’re in the area.


Use a parking app

There are a fair few parking apps and websites out there, such as Parkopedia, which allow you to enter your destination into a search bar and will provide you with an extensive list of parking options in and around your destination, including prices.


In fact, it covers over 8,000 locations worldwide so, wherever you go, this app, or those of the same ilk, will more than likely provide you with some excellent parking options.


Not parking may be the best option

Although using a car can be really convenient, in some cities not driving – and, therefore, not parking – may be better for you overall. In the UK, most cities have extensive public transport options which can make getting around really easy so, if you’re really struggling to find parking to match your needs, public transport can be your saviour.