A Plant Based Diet and its many Benefits

Today’s guest blogger will talk us through the benefits of a healthy plant based diet.

When it comes to improving your health, one of the best things you can do for yourself is eat a plant-based diet. Not only does this particular way of living help you maintain a healthier weight, which comes with a whole host of advantages all on its own, but additional benefits of eating primarily plants, according to research, include:

  • A lower risk of type 2 diabetes,
  • 30 percent greater heart health,
  • Lower blood pressure, and
  • Better digestive function (thank you, fiber).

But like with anything health-related, you have to do it with regularity and consistency if you want to reap the most reward. So how do you stick to a plant-based diet long term?

Celebrate Variety

healthy eating, dieting, slimming and weigh loss concept - close up of diet plan on tablet pc screen and vegetables

healthy eating, dieting, slimming and weigh loss concept – close up of diet plan on tablet pc screen and vegetables

The more you limit your diet to just a handful of foods that you eat day in and day out, the harder you’re going to find it to continue eating those items—no matter how healthy they are or how good they are for you—for a long period of time. That’s why variety is super important. It keeps you motivated to adhere to your healthier eating plan because your taste buds don’t get bored.

One way to do this is to put at least five different vegetables and fruit in your grocery cart every week, ensuring that you have a lot from which to choose when you get hungry. Also, make sure one of them is something you’ve never tried. By continuing to push your food boundaries, giving your mouth new tastes and textures, you’ll find it easier to keep eating foods derived from the earth.

Use Your Spices

Another way to keep your taste buds satisfied and in the health game is by using spices when you make your plant-based meals. By playing around with different flavors, you’re able to continue eating the foods you enjoy without your mouth getting tired of the same old, same old. Each combination creates a completely new experience, keeping you coming back for more.

Some of the healthiest spices to stock your pantry with include sage (goes good with squash), rosemary (great when paired with potatoes), turmeric (found in a lot of Indian dishes), and chili pepper (the perfect spice for beef). Add a little or a lot, it’s all up to what you crave and what your mouth can handle.

Have Quick, Go-To Meals

Let’s face it: We’re all super-busy and don’t always have a lot of time to spend in the kitchen trying to make plant-based meals that are good for us. So it’s days and nights when you’re running from here to there that you really need a quick go-to meal that makes it super-easy to stick to your plant-based diet despite your packed schedule.

Of course, you can always have fruits and veggies cut up and in the fridge, ready to grab and go, taking them with you to work, school, or any other place you frequent. An alternative option to consider if you have just a couple of minutes yet still want something healthy is to make a green smoothie or juice. This enables you to live a life of integrative nutrition (which involves using food to provide optimal health and wellness) while still not tying yourself down to kitchen by having to cook a three-course meal.

Do these three things and you’ll find it easier to stick to a plant-based diet, giving you a ton of health benefits today, tomorrow, and beyond!