7 Helpful hints for Keeping your Electronics Running Smoothly

As a busy mom and blogger, I am regularly using my computer to keep up with work, teach my kids, and research the things I am passionate about. These tasks are practically impossible to accomplish when my computer begins to slow down. If you have ever had this happen—which I’m sure most of you have—you know the headache it causes.


While computers may seem complicated, more often than not, the solutions for your computer issues are relatively simple. Below, we will discuss some helpful hints for keeping your electronics running smoothly.

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Regularly Maintenance Matters

Creating routines and healthy habits is important. This is true for work, for kids, or for electronic maintenance. I advise all of my readers to go through these tips on a monthly, if not weekly, basis to ensure that their electronics are running optimally. Just like cleaning your house, if you regularly clean up the small messes on your computer, you prevent larger messes from accumulating and overwhelming you.

Clean Dust from Your Electronics.

Computers and gaming systems are unbelievably capable dust collectors. Such dust accumulation looks bad and could lead to allergies, computer slowdowns or even fires.

A dusty computer will have trouble cooling, which can further affect its CPU processing performance. Filth could also shorten the lifespan of your electronics.


Cleaning duster cans use compressed air to help remove lint, dirt, and dust from hard-to-reach places in your electronics. With your computer, open it up and give it a thorough blowout. After, clean the exterior of your CPU case with a damp cloth.


Back Up Your Data

When was the last time you backed up your important data? If your electronics do fail, even with your regular maintenance, backing up your data to an external hard drive prevents you from losing important files, pictures, videos, etc. It is hard to market your photography business if you lose all of your photos!




If you do not already use cloud services for this, an external hard drive may be the way to go. This way, if a crash occurs, you will not have to panic about lost work or important files. Backing up your files also helps you to see which programs or files you’re regularly using and which ones you could do away with. This last point applies to our next tip.

Clean Up Your Disk Space

The more you use your computer, the more files will inevitably take up space on your hard disk. This is especially true if you are using your computer for video editing, photography, gaming, or other memory-taxing practices. When your computer runs out of disk space, it struggles to run efficiently. Because of this, it is ideal to always have somewhere between 15-20% of your hard disk freed up to keep your electronics running smoothly.


Keep Your Electronics Cool

Overheating is often the bane of many electronics. These machines run at high temperatures as is, but if you do not do everything in your power to keep them running at baseline temperatures, you will dramatically reduce their lifespan and efficiency. If you are wondering how to cool down your laptop or other electronics, consider these following low-cost heat prevention tips.


AntiVirus Protection

It should go without saying, but any computer connected to the internet must have some version of antivirus software. Antivirus software monitors your system for threats, performs scans, and protects your computer from adware or spyware. Either of these malicious programs can dramatically hinder your computer’s performance. Not to mention lead to identity theft or fraud.


When it comes to your antivirus software, make sure that it is not running scans constantly in the background, but rather, is set to manual scan. Autoscans can take up valuable processing and CPU power.


Clean Up Your Cabling

When you have a bunch of electronics, it is all too easy for those cables to turn into a briar patch of cords and dust. Clean and organized cables will help avoid stress on your computer ports. It also allows you to easily clean those areas without being forced to unplug everything. Consider using twist-ties or cable solutions and wraps to neaten these areas.