7 Amazing Ideas for a Romantic Date in Dubai

Dubai is one of the best spots on Earth to spend a memorable weekend with your beloved one. This is a very romantic and magical place where you can feel that there is nothing impossible. Its unique ambience instills the belief that your love can be eternal and happiness can be unstoppable.
Well, if you want to make sure of it, we’ve prepared several special ideas for you and your sweetheart. Check them out immediately to fill your life with lots of happy moments.

“Flying In the Sky”

Surprisingly, but love really gives you wings. You can feel it at the top of Burj Khalifa – the tallest construction in the whole world. The incredible height of 828 meters and dizzy night views of Dubai create perfect conditions for a romantic date. Panoramic windows of the observation deck are so high that sometimes it may seem as if you’re soaring in the sky. Of course, Burj Khalifa is an ideal spot for a marriage proposal.
Coordinates: 25.197275, 55.273797
Working hours: daily 8.30 – midnight

Dubai travel Ferrari

“The Symphony of Love”

love dinner Dubai aquarium

Could you imagine that even water will sing about your love? And not just water, but the most unusual in the world singing fountains! So, arrange a romantic dinner at one of the restaurants right in the heart of Dubai to enjoy an incredible spectacle of light, sound and water. This is truly a fabulous work of the architects and engineers: thousands of illuminated water jets jump out into the air creating an amazing show accompanied by lovely music. Listen to the music and feel how much tenderness, passion and love are in these sounds, and how much magic in these colorful splashes…
Coordinates: 25.195056, 55.276307
Working hours: evening shows daily 6.00pm – 11.30pm


“Thousands of Emeralds”
shopping Dubai

Do you want to pamper your beloved one? No worries! Dubai can greatly help you, because shopping is a very popular thing there. Just visit ‘Gold Souk’ to find the most beautiful jewelry, evening dress embroidered with gold or something else that symbolizes your deep feelings. Undoubtedly, your sweetheart will appreciate it!
Coordinates: 25.270271, 55.298499
Working hours: Friday 4.00pm – 10.00pm, Saturday-Thursday 10.00am – 10.00pm


“Driving the love”Flying in Dubai

Ferrari World is one of the most memorable places for loving couples! Covering the area of ​​7 football stadiums, Ferrari theme park is the largest in the world. It includes 20 rides, lots of restaurants and several souvenir shops.
Racetrack-stylized rollercoaster is the first thing you should try. Its maximum speed reaches over 250 km/h! In addition to extreme sports there are also special entertainments for families and children. By the way, you can also trace different stages of the creation of Formula 1 racing cars there.
Coordinates: 24.480124, 54.607525
Working hours: daily 11.00am – 8.00pm


“The Avalanche of Feelings”
Welcome to the snow oasis in the middle of the scorching Arabian summer! Ski Dubai is a unique complex consisting of 400-meters long downhill and numerous entertainments. You and your beloved one can enjoy pair skating, skiing or even snowboarding there. In case you get tired, visit any local café to relax and gather the strength for the next adventures.
Coordinates: 25.116806, 55.198182
Working hours: daily 10.00am – midnight


“Searching for the oasis”romantic travel Dubai
Dubai desert is a perfect opportunity to feel like you’re the only people on Earth. Looking at the kilometers of sand you can imagine that this is your own planet, which exists only for you and your sweetheart. Fantastic views of the golden sand against the backdrop of the setting sun give you the excellent conditions for a nice photo-shoot. We guarantee it will be your favorite photos!
Coordinates: 25.151323, 55.250665
Working hours: 24 hours a day


“An unforgettable romantic dinner
Your couple is special and unique, and you deserve only the best! So, set off to one of the most interesting restaurants in the world, which is located at Burj Al Arab. This building is well-known for its unusual form of a sail that towers over the ocean. The hotel is connected with the mainland by the bridge leading to the famous Jumeirah Beach and offers its visitors 6 restaurants and 2 bars. Choose which of the establishments suits you best of all and enjoy an amazing cuisine, excellent service, and fascinating views! And there is a lot to choose from! For example, the Al Mahara Restaurant: it’s located under the water and its windows look out right into the ocean.
Coordinates: 25.140560, 55.184970
Working hours: daily 12.30pm – 3.00pm, 7.00pm-12.00am

We hope that these 7 ideas will make your travel even more romantic and colorful. For your convenience, it’s recommended to use a rental car with GPS Navigator for easy and hassle-free movement around Dubai.

Author Bio: Lily Berns is a travel writer. She travels all around the world and writes her reviews and comments about the different destination spots.