6 Reasons You Should Travel to This Romanian “Eco-village”

Craving a getaway where you can be surrounded by nature and completely off the beaten tourist path? Well, you can have it when you visit this agritourism in northeast Romania. The owners, a young Romanian family, welcome travellers to find a temporary home within their traditional farming village. Besides allowing yourself a truly unique travel experience and a chance to give back to the environment, here are just a few more reasons why you should take your next vacation to this Romanian Eco-village.


You Pay What You Want

One of the huge benefits of making the trip to this traditional village is that you can pay as much or as little as you want. The “DiscoverVillageLife” project aims to challenge and change traditional tourism and wants everyone to have access to their message no matter what their budget. There are no taxes or minimum fees so just pay what you think the experience deserved.


You Are Supporting an Admirable Vision

Visiting the village may be an interesting and affordable vacation for you but your donation and your overall interest in visiting is helping a cause bigger than your trip. The family aims to help their village withstand the commercialization it may face to raise revenues while simultaneously spreading the message of sustainability and healthful living. Eventually, they would like to start their own NGO where a percentage of their profits goes towards a study scholarship for children in their village.


For The Farm

During your stay, you will have access to the beautiful farmland on the site. Roam around and you will see the organic gardens growing an array of fruits and veggies from potatoes, cucumbers and peppers to apples, cherries and nuts. They also raise their own animals on the farm so you will be able to interact with pigs, lambs, goats and chickens among other animals.


The Lovely Accommodation

Although you won’t get the services of a hotel, you can still expect some lovely and traditional accommodation during your stay. You can expect wool or down comforters on the bed, ceramic  fireplaces and an endless supply of warm cow’s milk. You will stay within a traditional 4 bedroom house with a king sized bed, shared kitchen and bathroom. Wake up to the sounds of  the farm animals in the morning and you can help out on the farm if you choose to do so.

The Organic Food

Meals will be eaten together and will be derived from the fresh and organic ingredients from the gardens. As the owners of a wood fired oven, the family cooks meats, homemade breads and pizza inside for their guests. They will prepare local specialties such as stews, soups and pastries all by hand, just for you.

simple life, growing food, raising chicken, egg basket

The Activities

You will have plenty of opportunities to get off of the farm and see the nearby attractions. You will have help setting up guided tours of Dracula’s Castle, Painted Monasteries, XIV Century Suceava Fortress, Sturdza Castle or nearby wineries. There are also some interesting workshops to take while on the farm, including soap making, cooking classes and egg painting (all free of course). Additionally, if you make it during the winter, the nearby mountains offer great skiing, snowboarding and sledding.


If you want to avoid the tourist traps, help a good cause and get up close and personal with nature, this place is a must visit. Broaden your horizons and see a stunning stretch of Romania that you may not have otherwise visited. Contact the agritourism today to start planning your trip.