5 Ways To Help Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

*Parenting advice from today’s guest blogger: 

“As a parent, no matter what age you are, how you feel about yourself affects how you act! Think about a time you were feeling amazing with yourself, you probably acted really well! Children are the same way! When they feel good about themselves, they are going to be better behaved, but when they feel down about themselves, they are more likely to misbehave! Since there is such a strong parallel between how a child feels about themselves, and how they act, helping to build self-esteem in children is extremely vital to their behavior.

1. Set Your Child Up To Succeed

Helping your child develop the skills they need is very important! Help them learn to write their name, before they get to school, so when they get to school, they know how to do it and don’t feel bad about themselves because they are one of the only ones who can’t do it. Children measure their value by how they think others value them. Praise them, tell them know how proud you are of them, and they are more likely to succeed!

2. Don’t Over Praise Your Child

Self-esteem comes from feeling good about yourself, feeling loved and being good at something! While you do want your child to know you are happy with them, if you overpraise them too much, they can become extremely conceited and that’s not always a good thing! If you keep telling your child that they are doing so good at something, they will most likely stop pushing themselves to be better!

3. Let Your Child Take Healthy Risks

When your child makes their own age appropriate choices, they feel more powerful.

4. Let Them Help Around The House

Even when they are toddlers, let them “help” cook and wash the dishes! They need the opportunity to learn that they can’t just sit around all day and do nothing, they need to know they need and can contribute! When they help, make them feel good! Give them praise! “Oh, son, I am so proud of you for helping Mommy with the laundry by folding socks!”

5. Make Your Child Feel Special

Help your child learn what they are good at! You can’t push them to do something they don’t want to do. If you want them to play a certain sport, but they don’t have much interest in it, they aren’t going to want to try! Don’t make them take piano lessons, when they don’t really enjoy it! You can always let them try something out, but if they aren’t interested in it, like you are, they just aren’t going to try to succeed at it!”


Thank you so much for sensible parenting advice on building kids’ self esteem. I shall refer back to it whenever I feel lost in my efforts to build up their confidence.