Family boat trips and summer days out – a few things to consider

Summer is on its way and it’s time to start planning some great days out or the Holidays. A few posts back I was talking about how to take your family with small children out on a long bike ride (and have fun cycling too), but today’s guest will talk us through taking the family out on a boat trip. 

written by: Gemoke

Boating is enjoyable, educating and relaxing. It’s good wholesome fun that the entire family can enjoy. If you are thinking about going on a boating trip with your family, it’s important that you plan first. Good planning and preparation prevents problems whilst out at sea.

Here are some of the things you need to know before going out on a boating trip with your family: 

*A seaworthy vessel will prevent problems whilst out at sea:

In the first place, you have to ensure you have a seaworthy vessel that is suitable for the trip you are planning. Before leaving for the trip, make sure your vessel is checked by an expert. If it is not up to the standards, do not go out on it. This is very important as it will prevent problems that may arise out in the water. Taking a small dingy out to a well offshore reef can be disastrous. In addition, ensure you have enough gas to last you throughout the travelling. You might also need extra fuel in the course of your trip hence get to know where you can get fuel.

  • Weather conditions will determine the safety of your voyage:

Being updated on the weather conditions is crucial for your safety and your family’s’. Check out on government forecasting sites for the most up to date weather predictions on the internet to keep updated. It is also advisable to keep off rough weather. Some marine radio frequencies keep on broadcasting boating weather conditions so remember to keep updated if the weather is likely to change. Ensure you carry suitable safety gear for the number of people on board if you must go out when the weather is bad. Remember, everyone should wear a lifejacket throughout the journey because in the case of an emergency, chances are that you’ll not get enough time to put one on. Besides, the lifejackets should fit those they are intended for.

*Having enough fuel on board will prevent inconveniences:

To avoid inconveniences, ensure you have enough fuel on board. It is also a good idea to include 50 percent more than what you might need to allow for changing weather conditions and if you may spend more time out than you anticipated. You should also be aware of fuel drips when refueling your boat. Do not top off your vessel to help prevent spillages and instead leave a 10% empty. Be careful when refueling and use a rag to prevent dripping around the nozzle.

*You have to take precautions whilst out at sea:

Heatstroke and sunburn are common occurrences during boating trips hence should be guarded against. Make sure all passengers wear sunscreen and keep their fluids up. Try to stay out of the elements wherever possible by ensuring passengers keep warm with protective clothing for cold weather. Furthermore, ensure you carry medical facilities before starting your trip. Check if there is a clinic with basic facilities where you intend to go out. It’s a good idea to get a medical insurance done for you so that medical bills can be added there.

*Often head counts are important:

Keeping track of 3 to 4 people is quite easy but if you are going out with more than 5 people, it’s important to frequently do a head-count. It is effective to do this when you are leaving the boat to swim, scuba drive, snorkel, or go to an island because in the past, there has been incidents of scuba divers being left resulting in their disappearance. Be vigilant always. Another important thing you need to know is the ability of the people undertaking the trip. They should all be capable. For example you have to establish whether the skipper is confident with the boat and the location. Are the people on board able to swim? Have they been on a boat before? Does anybody on board Get Sea sick? These and many other questions are crucial to ensure you make suitable allowances.

*Letting someone know your trip schedule will allow for appropriate action in the case of an emergency:

The last and most important thing is to inform someone where your trip will take place and when you intend to be back. You can let a relative or a friend or local rescue groups know your trip program. If you are not back by a certain time, it will be their responsibility to inform the correct authorities to call an emergency. Once again, log off with them once you are through with your voyage.
Generally speaking, these are the basic things you need to know before going out on a boating trip with your family. If you adhere to these things, you will safely explore any places in the comfort of your own boat while enjoying the soothing power of water. Remember, careful prior planning prevents poor performance and you are sure to have a safer and full of fun voyage.

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Last but no least don’t forget to HAVE LOTS OF FUN, take lots of photos that you can later use to immortalize the family adventure into a custom made designer  book.

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