5 Minutes DIY Vitamin C and Aloe Vera Serum

We all want to look radiant and have youthful looking skin, and the big cosmetic brands out there are tapping into this desire by constantly shoving in our faces glamorous women looking youthful, ecstatic and happy, suggesting that all we need to get whatever they’ve got is precisely that expensive face serum that they just miraculously discovered and are about to get an orgasm because of it. Moreover, they even declare that we’re worth it, a statement that one may take as an insult after reading a few articles on parabens and sulfates like this one from the Treehugger.

What we often fail to realize is that, although that face serum or face cream or whatever it is they’re boasting about, may have some Vitamin C, Aloe Vera or other natural ingredients in it, it also contains possibly harmful chemicals aimed at giving the product stability and and a long shelf life. In addition, the product comes in a fancy plastic container (if you find one in a glass jar, you can bet it will doubly expensive), then wrapped in a equally fancy cardboard box that will throw even more dust in our eyes, emphasizing the active extraordinary ingredients, maybe showing us the amazingly looking model who can’t believe she made it to fifty and maintain the same appearance as twenty years ago.

I must admit, ready made is convenient , it’s tempting to buy into the promise, it’s alluring to grab the hope in the box. However, I can do a lot better. I have been making my own cosmetic products since the recession started, not only for the savings but also because once I made my own first beauty product, I was hooked. Four years on, I too made it to forty while looking as good as I looked at thirty, and being genuinely happy and radiating satisfaction  every time my home made facial soaps come out perfect, my DIY face cream has the same texture as the store bought one without the addition of any controversial ingredients, my rosemary infused ACV hair conditioner does for my hair what no other conditioner ever did, my face serum costs cents, has visible effects on my skin and it’s always fresh, OK enough boasting.

Today I will share with you the  5 minute 5 cents Vitamin C Serum Recipe. I recommend making it in small one or two weeks batches and keep it in the fridge.


1 part Vitamin C
is believed to have anti-aging properties, to brighten and tighten the skin, reduce the effects of excessive sun exposure. However, once mixed in any liquid and exposed to light and heat, it starts loosing its amazing properties. But it’s all OK, because this recipe is quick and easy to make on a weekly basis.

2 parts Aloe Vera has so many benefits that I dedicated it a special Aloe Vera article. See also How to extract the fresh Aloe Vera Juice. If you don’t have an Aloe Vera plant, don’t worry: distilled water, rose water, herbal tea are also good.  I tried, ginger tea, chamomile tea, lemon peel tea – whatever herbal I happened to have handy .

2 parts Vegetable Glycerin – is optional but recommended for its is moisturizing and skin softening properties.

Completely optional additions to any DIY face care product: essential oils, grapefruit extract, vitamin E.


In a small dark glass bottle, dissolve the Vitamin C in the fresh Aloe Vera gel, water or herbal tea. Shake well. Add the glycerin and shake again. In the summer months, this keeps in the fridge for about month, but I prefer to make only 30 ml of face serum on a weekly basis. After all, it only take five minutes.

I have been using this face serum for years now, my age spots or sun spots are gone, I’m not bothered by any wrinkles (although I didn’t have many to start with), my skin feels hydrated and generally good, apart from that, it’s still me, unfortunately my nose didn’t get any smaller thanks to this miraculous home made face serum, I still use foundation and make-up (home made of course). As for the cost, I won’t even bother to compare: the Vitamin C jar that I bought one year ago is still half full, the glycerin is almost gone as for the Aloe Vera and herbal teas – they’re free,  fresh and fabulous.

Are you making your own cosmetics? Why and How? Feel free to share your thoughts with us.