5 Ideas for Making a Rainy Day Fun!

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Today’s Guest Blogger, Heather from  ‘Work from Home with Kids’ shares with us some ideas for spreading a little sunshine on our kids, on a rainy day.  

Rainy days bring dreary weather and often less energy for Moms, but this does not go for our children.

All of the endless energy our children have is now contained within the walls of our homes.

This can be a recipe for disaster, unless you have a plan! Having a few ideas in mind before a rainy day hits can make your day all that much easier! Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Spark your kids imaginations: Read a book about a Safari, create a truck using a laundry basket and go on an adventure. Join your kids! You will be amazed by what they will come up with!
  2. Have a race or create an obstacle course: Gather basic items like feathers, spoons and plastic eggs. Create a start and finish line. Have the kids’ race to be the first across the finish line without dropping their item. We replaced the spoons with paper plates to make it a bit easier for my little ones. After they got to the finish line, they then had to crawl under a table, jump up and down five times and race back to the front door.
  3. Have a dance party: My kids are partial to “Bear Hunt”, at the end of the song, when they see a bear, we pull out a stuffed bear and whoever is the bear gets to chase the other people around. It gets them giggling every time.
  4. Turn out the lights, put the blinds down and… go on a flash light scavenger hunt! The munchkins love doing this. For whatever reason, the rooms that we spend time in daily have a new appeal once the lights are turned off. They look under rugs, giggle at shadows and explore every corner of our home. When they start to lose interest, I throw something else in, like going for a color hunt. I give them an object or color to find and off they go.
  5. Dance in the Rain: Growing up in Missouri, I have fond memories from when my sister and I were kids, we loved going out and playing in the rain (as long as there wasn’t lightning or thunder.) Swimming in the rain was fun too! Toys gain a whole new appeal once you change the environment a bit.

Every day can be a learning adventure for kids, and rainy days are no exception. Planning activities about rain can extend kids understanding of weather. Learn about why it rains, what lightning and thunder are also can ease fear of storms.

Written by Heather a wife and WAHM of two little girls ages 1 and 2.5.

I blog over at Work from Home with Kids.