4 Leaf Clover and Hearts Hand Made Soap Making

4 Leaf Clover, Hearts, Roses, Love Letters, – the shapes that one can give to home made soaps are limitless when preparing for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine’s Day is quickly approaching and, to avoid last minute rush for a gift that says it best, now is the time to start crafting lovely soaps that’ll get the love message across in the most meaningful way.

If you’re new to soap making, the easiest and fastest way to create Valentine’s Day Soaps is to purchase a melt and pour base, some soap colors, and soap molds with specifica shapes: hearts, clover, roses, etc. Here’s how easy it is to create unique heartfelt soaps for your loved ones with melt and pour soap. So easy that even the kids can do it.

The same soap molds can also be used in CP Soap Making. Here’re a few guidelines for Cold Process Soap making.

As for giving your soaps a lovely scent and color, Rose Essential Oil and pink or red soap colors are the best for Valentine’s Day.

Other gift ideas for Valentine’s Day:

pair of mugs for Valentine's Day, Simple funny

Happy Valentine’s Day