4 Easy Steps to Get Rid Of A Panic Attack

Today’s guest blogger will talk us through 4 Easy Steps to Get Rid Of A Panic Attack

“Many people experience panic attacks; they are much more common than originally thought. A simple definition of a panic attack is a feeling of fear overcoming a person which causes a burst of adrenaline to be released and a desire to run from the situation. However, if you do run from the situation your brain will associate that place with fear and trigger a panic attack each time that situation arises. Instead of running you can follow these 4 steps on how to get rid of a panic attack.

If these steps are followed a panic attack can be stopped in 3 minutes or less. It may be difficult to remember these steps during a panic attack so write the steps down on an index card in bright colors and keep it with you. The bright colors help you find the card quickly when a panic attack starts.

1. Relax:

This sounds difficult; however, this step is critical to getting rid of panic attacks. First force yourself to remember that this is a panic attack and you are not in real danger. Then you need to do some deep breathing to stop the release of adrenaline. You want to breath in with the nose and out through the mouth. Try to count to 10 when taking the breath and again when breathing out. The deep slow breathing will relax the body and the counting makes the mind focus on something other than the panic attack.

2. Stop the Bad Thoughts:

When having a panic attack the brain produces thoughts of fear and disaster. Every time a thought like that happens you need to stop it. This is done by simply yelling “Stop” loudly in your head. This interrupts the statement and stops the brain from sending the help message to the adrenal glands. Do this each time a bad or scary thought starts to form.

3. Use Positive Thoughts:

After yelling “Stop” it is time to focus your brain on positive thoughts. When a panic attack occurs the brain stops thinking and switches to instinct. When you force the brain to start thinking again it will refocus the brain. Take what has been a negative or scary thought and turn in into a positive thought. This can be a bit tricky at first, but becomes easier the more you do it. So if you are having negative thoughts about fainting or dying turn them into positive thoughts, remind yourself it is just a panic attack and that you are in good health and not going to die. If you have thoughts about not being able to breath, yell “Stop” and then tell yourself you can breath fine because you were taking deep breaths.

4. Acknowledge Your Feelings:

After calming down take a few minutes to acknowledge the feelings you had during the panic attack. By doing this you can figure out what triggered the panic attack. Emotions usually trigger the attacks, so how were you feeling before the attack and what situation were you in? By figuring out what situation is causing the attack you can take the necessary steps to prevent them in the future.

By following these simple steps each time you have a panic attack you can calm yourself and stop the attack quickly. After identifying what is causing the attack and taking appropriate steps to stop the fear you will know how to get rid of a panic attack.