3 Designer Jewellery Brands To Look Out For In 2018  


Jewellery is a timeless part of fashion, having existed in society for thousands of years as an integral part of human culture.

It becomes interwoven with our memories and our sentiments, with some of our favourite pieces holding a very dear place in hearts, whether it’s related to a person, a location, or even just a moment in time.

And, with jewellery holding such importance in society, it’s vital that jewellery brands can echo these feelings in their pieces, creating timeless items to tell stories and emotions.


Luckily, most designers are certainly on the right track and, with that in mind, we spoke to H Hogarth, a designer jewellery stockist, for their top three designer jewellery brands to look out for in 2018.


Daisy London

This stunning British designer is a global name and has created a number of beautiful collections.


The brand takes inspiration from the beautiful and the exotic, a passion for travel and adventure, and the allure of far-off shores, which comes together to produce jewellery focused on wellness.


They made their name from the Original Chakra bracelet which was a hit with celebs around the world, including Cara Delevingne, and have gone on to partner with Ellie Goulding on a WWF charity collection.


Think daisies, friendship bracelets, karma charms, and lots of rose gold! Our favourite picks include the Native Spirit collection and the Original Chakra bracelet, which you can also find as a ring and a necklace.



This brand is the work of London-based Rosh Mahtani, who was inspired to create a collection of modern heirlooms inspired by the literature she studied whilst at Oxford University.


As a result, Alighieri was born and takes its name from Dante Alighieri, the renowned poet who penned the Divine Comedy. Each piece in the collection corresponds to one of the 100 poems and takes inspiration from either Hell, Purgatory and Paradise.


Mahtani has taken this epic odyssey and reimagined the mythical creatures, terrifying demons and unrelenting landscape as beautiful jewellery, telling the story of the Pilgrim’s journey in her own unique way.


Like the subjects of Dante, each piece of her jewellery ‘is battered, imperfect, and a little bit melancholy’, creating a visually arresting item that tells its own story.


Caroline Creba

Caroline Creba was trained at the internationally renowned School of Jewellery before going on to create her own stunning collections.


Starting her love affair with jewellery from an early age whilst rifling through her mother’s jewellery box, this love affair blossomed even further when exploring the ancient gem routes of India, Burma and Thailand.


Caroline was intrigued by the timelessness and beauty of the stones found in these ancient, exotic places and used it for inspiration for her collections, all of which have a strong focus on gemstones and the iridescence they create.


Now, travelling the world for inspiration, she strives to bring new shades, textures, and cutting techniques to her work, personally selecting the gemstones on the way.


You can find the Nadira Collection, Titania Collection and Pettia Collection on her website or create a bespoke item.