25 Fun Ideas for a Girls’ Night In

Every woman needs a break now and then. When it comes to unwinding, getting together with a few close friends can be one of the best ways to kick-back and truly relax.  Planning a girls’ night in doesn’t need to be complicated. There are so many wonderful ways to spend a few hours chilling with your ‘besties’… in the comfort of your own home.

The following are twenty-five ideas for inexpensive and fun ways to get together, everything from playing games to a movie night… all pleasurable and carefree!

Home-Spa Treatments:

Spa-treatments are not only expensive… they can cut valuable hours out of your day. What better way to get together with your friends than to host a spa-night and split the cost of the treatment? Here are just a few ideas to get you started. Throw on an old tee-shirt and jeans and unwind!

1)         Face masks and massage. Here’s an unexpensive idea for a face mask that’s already in your medicine cupboard: Aspirin Face Mask

2)         Make Liquid soap from scratch (requires handling dangerous lye! )

3)         Microwaving a bar of Ivory soap and model the resulting soap cloud into any shape you can think of 😉

4)         Beauty tips and hair style makeovers

5)         A waxing party!

cheap fun ideas gor a girls night inA Casino or Game Night:

Remember how enjoyable it used to be to play a board game with family and friends? Game nights are a low-cost way to get-together. Dust off your Monopoly board, play a game of Bunco, and prepare for some belly laughs. If you prefer card games, or decide to play fun casino games online, there’s always something for everyone:

6)         Dance/ hula-hoop competition

7)         Trivia or card games

8)         Video game tournament

9)         Casino night – play online casino

10)       Make melt and pour soaps. 


Girls’ Night In – Food Themes:

Food themes are ideal for a girls’ night in. You could prepare, package, and freeze family meals, share ideas, or host a smoothie party. Your night-in could even be the beginning of a cooking group, such as a baking or soup club. You may even want to exchange recipes and plan family meals for the month ahead.

11)       Make smoothies or fruit ‘cocktails’

12)       Make bread or butter croissants

13)       Decorate cakes, cookies, or gingerbread house(s) for an upcoming event

14)       Fondue party, barbeque, or luau theme

15)       Potluck dinner – guests bring their own dish to share

fun ideas for a girls night in.

A Gift or Craft Night:           

Organize an evening of crafts where everyone shares their unique talents, or plan a single activity based around a specific project. Knitting, crochet, soap-making… the possibilities are limitless. Your guests will appreciate an evening spent creating/wrapping gifts, or simply visiting and catching up on mending. Let your friends know ahead of time the evening project(s) and ask them to bring their own supplies, or items to share.

16)       Create jewelry, hairbands, hairclips

17)       Design note and gift cards

18)       Make seasonal crafts

19)       Recycle an old item into something new

20)       Produce hand-made soaps or candles. Or make an Ivory Soap Souflee for hours of fun.


Movie Night and Hanging Out:

Invite your friends to arrive in their favorite cozy clothes. Watch a classic chic-flick or two, or just hang-out and relax. Place the beverages on ice, order a pizza, pop some popcorn, and enjoy!

21)       Classic Movie Night

22)       Best seller book-club

23)       Magazine fest

24)       Scrap-booking or creating a cook book with your favorite recipes

25)       And last but not least… go solo and soak in a steamy bubble bath!

Whatever you do on this girl’s night in, don’t forget to take lots of photos that you can later use to create a fantastic personalized book that will make a perfect gift for any occasion.