2 in 1 Strawberry Syrup and Jam

strawberry jam and syrup 4

I know Strawberry Jam should be easy but, in my kitchen, it often fails to set. So this time I came up with a very crafty idea: perfectly set jam and delicious runny syrup in one long slow cooking session.

Ingredients: 6 cups of  sugar, 12 cups strawberries, half a cup lemon juice and 3 tablespoons of water.


1 large heavy bottom pan, 1 large sieve, 1 large recipient, bottles and jars.


strawberry jam and syrup 1


  1. Soak the  strawberries in a large recpient filled with water and a tablespoon of vinegar. Drain them.

  2. Hull the strawberries, do not slice them unless they’re very big, place them in the heavy bottom pan.

  3. Add the 3 tbsp of water and half cup  lemon juice, cover with the sugar and leave it alone for an hour or more.


strawberry jam and syrup 2

  1. After an hour or more, (the sugar will have moistened) place the pan on the smallest heat setting you can get on your hob. Simmer it very gently for 2 hours. If the heat is low enough, it will not boil over and it will not stick. The sugar will completely melt and the strawberries will shrink.
  2. Strain the syrup in the second recipient. Return the shrunk strawberries to the original pan with just enough syrup to cover them. Boil both mixtures on high heat for 3 minutes, stirring continuously. Turn off the heat.

  3. Sterilize your jars. (In my household this sort of preserve doesn’t last long so just a quick rinse with boiling water will do)


strawberry jam and syrup 3

  1. Slowly and gradually fill the bottles with syrup and the jars with the jam. (The jars will be hot from the sterilizing step, and adding the hot syrup and jam gradually will prevent the glass splitting)

  2. The syrup, mixed with fizzy water and ice will make the most refreshing summer drink. Add a little sparking wine to the mix and you’ll have an amazing mid morning cocktail

  3. The jam, (if you didn’t squash the strawberries) will look extremely appetizing  as a cheesecake topper. (recipe to follow).

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