10 Decor Hacks To Give Your Home That Rugged And Natural Feel

10 Decor Hacks To Give Your Home That Rugged And Natural Feel

With the rapidly growing infrastructure all over the world, it is a luxury to be with nature. Very few homes have open gardens and lawns where they can grow various plants and enjoy the beauties that nature has to offer. More and more people are moving into apartment blocks for lack of space and easy sustenance too.

Why should we bring in nature into the homes?

If you are one of those, then you have to look for ways to bring n the natural and rugged looks. It’s important to do so because its nature alone which can heal you and reduce your stress. It can also work wonders for your memory by enhancing the retention powers. Plants nurture you and help you grow happily. As they grow, you also get more energy and hope.

How can we bring in nature into the homes?

Read on for some decor hacks to give your home that rugged and natural feel.

The simplest and commonest way to bring in nature into the house is by placing several planters with plants of your choice. You can choose the size, shape, and colors of these planters. Select various materials like ceramic, terracotta, pure baked mud etc; textures like plains, stripes, rugged, bubbles; and shapes like round, oval, boat-shaped, square etc.

Have a combination of real and faux plants and trees in these planters. You can have a variety like tropical silk plants, fiddle leaf fig tree artificial, bay leaf topiary, etc. These are easily available in many colors and sizes. Choose as per your liking and space availability. Keep some artificial fruit trees as well.

Sometimes placing planters is not possible for various reasons like lack of space. If you face the same issue, then go in for smaller arrangements. Try placing bouquets, garlands, centre pieces on the sideboards or center tables, etc.  You can also place seasonal arrangements as per the weather in your area.  For special occasions and festivals at home, you can get occasion arrangements done specially for you. Changing these arrangements for various occasions will bring in variety and remove the monotony of seeing the same arrangement daily.

This is a good idea if you have space in any balcony or terrace. Select a corner and get in rocks, stones, and pebbles to create a rockery. Put some faux plants and trees in between. Go in for some beautiful and durable landscaping here. Highlight the area with clever lighting.

You may lack floor space at home. There may also be issues of cleaning and maintaining the floors if you place floor planters. The solution is to hang the plants in baskets and other hanging planters. This can be done in the kitchen, bathrooms, balconies, and terraces. Hang some creepers and ferns from the window pelmets or curtain rods. You can even hang them from the top of the highest shelf in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or any other room you want.

Landscaping a part of the home is also a good way of bringing in nature and rugged looks to your home. Select any corner or wall area and try out the various interior landscaping ideas available today.  Bring out your personality and character and highlight it through landscaping ideas.

When you bring in nature into your home, you also need to bring in some connection with the fauna. Place some bird feeders on the parapets of the terrace or balcony.  If you have created a rockery somewhere, place the bird feeder there too.  Hang some nests made out of natural materials to attract birds to your house. They also love to sit on the wind chimes. Hang these too and hear the sweet tinkle of the bells and the chirping of birds in the early morning and evenings when all else is quiet. Build a tree house at some corner if you have space. Let your children enjoy it.

If you want the rugged look at home, why not make seating arrangements to connect with nature too? Keep tree stumps of various sizes as stools in the garden or other outdoor seating areas.  Use high tree stumps for bar stools. Hang a hammock or two under outdoor artificial trees like the date palms or the mighty coconut tree. Relax here on a lazy holiday and enjoy the nature that you have created around you.

Go in for some wall art with hanging creepers or wooden panels to give tat rugged look. Hang some lamps with raw wooden lampshades. Wooden frames for photos also are a great way to bring in ruggedness.

Make a rugged wooden counter top at the bar or table tops in the living room. You could try buying sofas or beds with that wooded rugged look and finish.  Create storage spaces to Fix in open shelves with natural wood too.  Place a couple of planters with beautiful and bright plants and you are done. Use lots of natural materials.

 Have a skylight in the ceiling to bring in maximum sunlight. This is ideal for the central part of the house. Go in for natural colors on floors whether it is rugs, carpets, or flooring. Choose tiles accordingly. You can even fix wooden flooring in your bedroom. It looks classy, elegant, and expensive at the same time.

Decorate all these areas of your home with nature and rugged looks:

Be one with nature. Enjoy the environment and feel of a rugged and natural experience. Sit out in your created natural spaces; listen to chirping birds coming in to feed; and enjoy the feel of mountains and plains with your family within your home. And you won’t miss the sprawling bungalows anymore!