Tips To Protect Your Child From Infections

The biggest concern for parents is that their child might come in contact with germs that are always lurking around the place. Many parents often lose sleep over this. While it is true that everywhere you go, there is a possibility of germs attacking your children but you can take simple yet effective steps that can keep your child safe from infections.

Disinfect surfaces around your home

You might overlook the importance of disinfecting various surfaces like tables, door handles, remote controls, pens, and phones. They could be loaded with germs that can infect your child. The germs can live there for numerous days, and they can be transferred from one person to another. You need to wipe these places with a disinfectant in order to get rid of the germs. Keep an antiseptic handy and clean the germs to keep your child safe from infections.

Keep the hands off your face

You need to leave your face alone. Touching your face can transfer the bacteria from your hands to the face. They can end you up with an infection. If you have to touch your face, you need to ensure that the hands are clean and free of germs.

Use honey

A lot of home remedies make use of honey which has proved itself and is worth the hype. Honey will make all the illnesses go away faster and will help you recover sooner. However, in the case of certain infections, it is best to check with the doctor. If you have the Candida infection, you need to check with the doctor before using honey.

Keep your nails clean

Before you touch your children, you need to ensure that your hands are completely clean and germ-free. Always wash your hands and your nails. There are numerous pathogens that live under the nails and you need to use a sanitizer to kill them. Ensure that there is no dirt under the nails because it means there are germs in there.

Get a flu shot

The best defense against viruses is a flu shot. You can check with the doctor if you need one and the benefit of the shot is that it will keep you free from infections and will help your child remain free from infections as well.


Exercise can give a boost to immunity and will help you fight off infections before they overpower you. You should exercise at least 30 minutes every day to enjoy its benefits. It will help you if you are already suffering from an infection and is an ideal way of building a healthy lifestyle.

Wash your hands

You might not think that this is important but washing hands can make a huge difference to your fight against infections. Wash your hands and your child’s hands with soap for 20 seconds and only then you can get rid of the bacteria and viruses which can cause infections to the child.

With these simple and effective steps, you will be able to ensure that your child does not catch an infection.