Welcome to my personal blog on lifestyle, parenting, cooking, DIY-ing, homemaking, bedmaking, and life in general. As I walk through life, my priorities and interests will change, and every time, I will write about my journey. 15 years have passed since I started this blog, and during these years, my family and I lived in 4 countries, changed careers and hobbies, learned and forgotten two foreign languages, and the children have grown. So, among my blog entries, you will find entries about dealing with temper tantrums and teens’ gadgets, life in England, Spain, Portugal, and Romania, being an ex-pat, dealing with local customs, trying to make a living out of passions such as soap-making, crafts, painting, advertising, blogging, creative writing and translating, and much much more. Among my blog entries, you may find recommendations for various products and services. Some of them contain affiliate links and many are sponsored posts. However, sponsorship and financial rewards are never the sole motives for posting: I offer my support only to brands I respect, the products I try, and the online services I find useful.

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 The recipes on The Simple Life are …well SIMPLE. I’m always on the lookout for easy-to-make and fast-to-bake dishes that also comply with both my healthy eating habits and my kids’ exigent taste buds. I share my successes in the ‘Recipes’ section of this blog.

Quiche Lorraine fast and easy recipe

Quiche Lorraine

Perfectly risen and fluffy french butter croissants recipe the easy way in the breadmaker

Home Made Croissants

a freshly baked bread, crusty and soft, no knead, recipe and image

No Knead Bread

image, apricot, almonds and peach desert crumble served with vanilla icecream on top

Apricot Crumble

No bake cheesecake with cream cheese, digestive biscuit and strawberry

Cheesecake Recipe

Pasta Carbonara with green vegetables and easy carbonara sauce

Carbonara Sauce


Why do red wine and dark chocolate diets keep us young, happy and slim, why we should eat green tea,  snack on raw cocoa nibs, and add Chia Seeds to our dishes?

antioxidant red wine and dark chocolate , slimming, delicious, healthy

The Red Wine and Dark Chocolate Diet

Healthy home made food delivery service

The Bistro Diet

green tea in powder, eatible green tea, edible green matcha tea, cooking with green tea

Green Tea in Food

citrus fruit juicer

Fresh Citrus Juices

what to eat and what not to eat when you're on a Paleo Diet

Paleo Diet

cocoa nibs image

Raw Cocoa Nibs


No more SLS, parabens, and other chemicals that may be causing skin problems: A few crafty ideas for making soaps, shampoo, and other cosmetics at home, using natural ingredients chosen according to individual needs and in complete awareness of their provenience and qualities. A few of the preferred ingredients that I consistently use in skincare and oral health homemade products are olive oil, Aloe Vera, Honey, Coconut Milk, Baking Soda, Epsom Salt, Anise, Cocoa, Green Tea, etc.

artisan hand made sunscape soap with blue sea and orange sky


Solid Shampoo for Dry Hair and Itchy scalp Recipe and Instructions. DIY


Landscape Soap: Moon over black Sky

Charcoal Soap

How to make Thick Liquid Castile Soap at Home


image of a white bar of soap made with sea salt in a flower soap mold


Rectangular Black and Orange Swirls in Hand Made Soap



  •  Are we raising our kids the right way? Is there a right way to raise children? Are we overprotecting our kids?
  • Is formal education enough for their academic success? Should we make them take violin classes and learn a few extra languages or is it better to allow them to be carefree children for as long as possible?
  • Just a few parenting dilemmas that I try to solve in the parenting section of this blog. Any thoughts and ideas are welcome in the comments section.

school backpack, college backpack, monkey backpack, kids, rucksack,

Idle Parenting

financial responsibility for children

Fostering Resilience

child laughing, emotional resilience, emotional inteligence

Emotional Inteligence

running a family as you would a business

Family Management

Social and emotional intelligenge illustrated by an image of children shaking hands

Kids Financial Responsibility

outdoors children activities,

Outdoors Activities