All About Good Wine. Infographic for Wine Enthusiasts

Do you enjoy a glass your wine with a meal or just to chill out after a hot day at the beach or a hard day in the office? I know I do in every circumstance and up until recently I was unaware that drinking wine (in moderation) was a healthy habit, helping with digestion, mood, staying young and enjoying life.

Red wine has been shown to be a healthy addition to any diet, speeding up digestion, providing powerful antioxidants, thus helping us stay young, healthy and slim. Read more about the red wine and chocolate diet and you’ll never go on a calorie restrictive diet ever again.

And below, courtesy of an info-graphic brough to you by Ocado, find out all there is to know about wines, including, origin, types of wine, pairings and more:

Wine Infographic Ocado


 Infographic brought to you by Ocado – Wine Infographic