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canmoreToday’s Guest Blogger will kindly talk us through: The Best Spiritual Spots in India


India is not only packed with the majority of the world’s population, it’s also extremely rich in tradition, culture, and holy places. If you are a spiritual seeker and wanting to advance, India is a great place to visit, or even live. I’m originally from weekend condo rentals in canmore and spent one year in India,visiting the top spiritual sites. I love India because you can travel there on a budget, yet practice lots of yoga and meditation for donation. The country is really conducive to spiritual seekers, and offers lots of personal growth because of the challenging culture.

Below are my favourites:

  • Varanassi: This is the most popular spiritual spot in India. It’s one of the seven sacred Hindu destinations in the world. It’s know for its history, and its name translates to the “City of Lord Shiva”. Hindus believe that people who die here are liberated from the cycle of reincarnation. They do not have to re-enter the human realm of struggling, and instead enter into the fifth dimension of enlightenment. Sounds pretty awesome!
  • Haridwar: This is one of the seven holiest places in India. It’s also know as “the Gateway to God”. It is located at the foothills of Uttarakhand, right near the Himalayan Mountains. Hindu pilgrims love this place, and religiously dip themselves in the holy Ganges River. The reason for this is their strong belief– if we do this our since will be washed away. Varanassi is also a popular spot, but the water is dirty. In Haridwar the water is much cleaner and more sanitary.
  • Bodhgaya: This is the more important site if you are a Buddhist because this is where Buddha was enlightened under the Bodhi Tree. The Mahabodhi Temple complex is where to go to find this tree. You’ll also find lots of Buddhist courses and teachings in the city where you can study and meditate.
  • Amritsar: Thousands of Sikh pilgrims flock to the Golden Temple annually. This city was founded by Gurur Ram Das. He was fourth guru of the Sikh Religion. Amritsar means “Holy Pool of Nectar” and is the main spiritual capital in India of the Sikhs.