The cost of major home repairs

Could a major household repair wipe your family out financially? For many homeowners, the answer is yes.


If you’ve followed the standard advice and bought as much home as you can afford, you might not have enough savings available if you suddenly need to replace your furnace or repair your roof.

It’s vital for homeowners in this position to plan regular maintenance so that they can avoid a devastating financial crisis.

The following infographic, originally published by Mr. Sunshine’s Electrical Services, discusses the most costly repair bills that homeowners face and explains how to reduce your risk for each item.

A new furnace, air conditioner, or roof can cost as much as $5,000 to $7,000, so learning how to care for these elements in your home and having them professionally serviced regularly is worth the effort.

Of course, no roof or HVAC system will last forever, but proper maintenance can help your home’s most expensive components last longer, and a qualified service technician can also let you know how much more life is in your systems so that you can plan accordingly.

According to the infographic, the costliest repair issues that most homeowners will face are water damage, furnace and air conditioner replacement, and the need for a new roof.

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home repairs costs

The graphic gives cost estimates for each, along with solid advice on regular home maintenance and a list of trouble signs to watch out for.

Following this advice could save you thousands of dollars on home repairs and system replacements and increase your peace of mind.