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Sponsored post: This post contains affiliate links Finding just the right tutor  often feels like mission impossible. One to one tutoring can make a world of difference to   scholars of any age. Whatever they need to learn, maybe advanced maths, music or a foreign language, if the tutor is a […]

How to Find the Right Academic Tutor

artisan hand made sunscape soap with blue sea and orange sky
I love a good painting and I find landscapes,  fascinating. Since playing with oils and lye in various attempts to make extra special natural soaps at home, I wanted to combine art and soap making and recreate the seascape that I see on my daily evening walk: turquoise sea, far away […]

Artisan Soap Design: Seascape at sunset

Perfectly risen and fluffy french butter croissants recipe the easy way in the breadmaker
Learn something new everyday with Craftsy – the online place where you can learn a new skill everyday and connect with other crafty people from all over the world. What is Craftsy? Craftsy is a worldwide craft community offering online classes. It also has a patterns marketplace where independent designers […]

Online Craft Classes for Learning New Skills

Not too long ago, learning a skill or getting an education used to be a luxury. We needed to find time and money go to a physical classroom and pay enough for our lessons  to keep the teacher motivated. Thanks to the internet, everything changed. Whatever we want to learn, […]

Whatever your passion, there’s an accessible online class for you