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Cocoa nibs are bits of natural roasted cocoa beans and proved to contain huge amounts of antioxidants and happiness boosting natural components which makes them the number one super food healthy snack

No Flour Double Rich Chocolate Cake
As I just finished my super delicious and scrumptious gluten free,  flour free) chocolate and cocoa nibs cake I made earlier today and I’ve got nothing else more exciting to share with you at this moment, I shall share the recipe. Ingredients:  6  squares (6 ounces) coarsely chopped dark chocolate […]

Flour Free Cocoa Rich Chocolate Nibs Cake Recipe

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  Snacking on Cocoa Nibs improves your mood, increases your energy, lowers your appetite for fatty unhealthy foods – to list just a few health benefits.  What are cocoa nibs? Cacao nibs or cocoa nibs are perfectly roasted cocoa beans separated from their husks and broken into small pieces. Cocoa […]

The Health Benefits of Cocoa Nibs