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Media Kit

custom made, personal, photo book with well thought of text, as a gift
Wouldn’t you love to publish a books that prompt for a “how did you manage this?” genuinely surprised question. As the leader in self-publishing platforms, Blurb has an entire online bookstore full of unique books by an incredible array of undiscovered, self-published authors, artists, and photographers and you can be […]

Create Something One Of A Kind with Blurb

personalized baby book on good guality paper and print, designer layout, easy to use software, create from your own photos and add text.
There are many gifts you could give this holiday season, but when it comes to something really meaningful, there’s nothing quite like the gift of a personal book that you’ve made all by yourself with the recipient in mind. Before you start having visions of gluing and sewing together pages […]

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the ghost of lily painter book review
The Ghost Of Lily Painter is an excellent read and a page turner. It kept me amused for two days at the beach. The book is built up around researching the history of a house and the lives of the people who lived there in the course of a century and […]

The Ghost of Lily Painter – book review