Save Money on School Supplies while Supporting an Charity

School supplies are one of the inevitable year-round expenses of raising a child. Did you know that you can provide your kid with these supplies while simultaneously helping charities? You might even find some deals that allow you to save money, too. Here are three ways to save money on school supplies while giving to charity.

Find the Best Discounts

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As long as your child is in school, you’re going to need to buy supplies. The good news is that you know many of the items you have to buy most often. Make a list of them in anticipation of stockpiling supplies when a good deal is available. Then, investigate the places most likely to offer such discounts.

Social media is one of the best ways to find deals. For example, big-box office supplies stores like OfficeMax and Office Depot sell lots of educational items like pens, notepads, calculators, and computer supplies. By following the social media feeds of these companies, you’ll learn of deals you might otherwise miss. When you see great OfficeMax and Office Depot coupons, you can load up on the items you need at the cheapest prices possible.

Research Stores

To qualify for various tax shelters, many corporations have started foundations to benefit charities. They do some good in the world while attaining valuable tax write-offs. As a consumer, these foundations benefit you also. Many of them donate a portion of their school supplies sales revenue to charity. Since you have to buy these items anyway, you can help others if you frequent the right stores.

You should research the businesses where you are most likely to buy school supplies. Determine which ones have the best charitable programs in place. Then, frequent these stores more often, taking care to buy the items that qualify for charity. As an example, Amazon will donate a portion of the purchases you make through their Smile program to places like St. Jude’s Hospital. The same is true of the Office Depot Foundation, and Office Depot coupons are readily available.

Become a VIP

Some school supplies like computers, tablets, and smartphones are expensive. They’re also not discounted often. You want to unearth any possible avenue for savings. While Best Buy coupons exist, the most reliable way to save money is through the My Best Buy reward program. Like many corporate loyalty programs, this system allows frequent customers to accrue points for each purchase.

Once you have gained enough loyalty points, you’ll earn a discount on an upcoming purchase. By stocking up lots of points, you can gain significant savings on an expensive item. You can also combine your loyalty program gift certificate with other Best Buy coupons. By planning ahead, you could potentially buy an expensive item such as a laptop or tablet computer for significantly less. For this reason, the loyalty program is one of the best ways to save on school supplies.

As you can see, a clever consumer can stretch their school supply budget. Simply follow the suggestions above to get more for your money while aiding important charities.