Pocket and Planet Friendly Home and Baby Care Products

Founded by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan (who, when just started their families, founded themselves utterly frustrated trying to find effective and  ecological products for their babies and homes) the Honest company now offers not only effective, but unquestionably safe, eco friendly products, beautifully convenient and affordable products for home care and baby care – ecological products that everyone should be able to afford to buy and even better to try before they buy.

We all want to do our bit to save the planet from toxic waste and nasty chemicals. But here’s the environmental issues: many of us can’t afford to pay the premium price that some ecological home cleaning products cost. So we go back to the cheap stuff, that gets the job done. When it comes to our skin or to our babies skin, yes we do make wiser choices, we do go for the expensive stuff…however we shouldn’t have to pay quite so much to look after our families in a responsible way. And now we don’t have to because ….

The Honest company believes that all families, their babies and their homes deserve the best and that people should afford to look after our environment by doing their bit: saying no  to cheap powerful, toxic chemicals  and buying instead equally effective, equally cheap but natural and Earth friendly products. All the Home care and Baby care products from The Honest Company are natural, planet friendly , kind to our skin, effective, non toxic, non allergenic and pocket friendly! 

Just like me and thousands of other people, maybe you too have been wasting your money trying all sorts of cleaning products, only to discover that some ‘ecological’ products with a premium price weren’t that effective after all (here an ecological washing liquid that may have saved the planet a little but failed to take the stains out of my white top, comes to mind).

However, enough trying out new things on our expense!

Now we can make a well informed Earth friendly choice because the Honest company offers every new customer free trials of home cleaning products and non toxic diapers.  Try the 100% natural and non toxic products for free, fall in love with them and feel free to go back to the online store and order more of what worked best for you. That’s what I call a good deal. 


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I must admit, I do love everything natural, and I do like to know exactly what it is that my cosmetic products contain … as a consequence I started making soap at home. I started with cold process soap first as it’s the easiest and moved on to liquid soap making as well as home made creams, serums and lotions and oral care products.