How to wear pearls

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Pearls jewelry, an extremely classic accessory, can fit any of your favorite popular trend, if you know how to wear them, No matter how incredible it may sound, pearls jewelry are becoming more and more affordable when you shop online on websites like GroopDealz for items like these:

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You can’t go wrong with the classy floating pearl necklace. This simple necklace will go well with your casual attire and is pretty for special occasions as well. The creamy white pearl slides freely along a gold finish chain. Necklace comes packaged in a cute gift box. Perfect for gifting!

Keep your pearl jewelry handy using one of these clever jewelry organizer:

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Below are few other suggestions and ideas on how to wear pearls jewelry that add glam, class and style to your outfit.

pearls hair band audrey hepburn1. Hair with Pearls

The pearl decorated bobby pins can adorn your evening up-do or a day-time look. This works great whether you go for natural original pearls or you get some faux pearls and superglue them on your plain bobby pins. Equally alluring is a pearls decorated hairband. 

2. Jeans with Pearls

Pearls and a pair of your favourite jeans can be the best solution for a fabulous night out. Just try your black (or dark) skinny jeans, killing heels, a loose silk top, a cardigan or a blazer and a long, double string of pearls. The celebrity is on the night out!

3. First Lady Pearls

Hey, think of the most stylish First Lady, Michelle Obama! A nice smile on her face, delicate ladylike look and a short string of pearls (or doubled) around her neck. Try it too with a cardigan, a cashmere sweater and a pencil skirt, a little black dress or some other classy thing.

4. Colored Pearls

Faux pearls or natural are almost equally good. The faux pearls come in various shapes, sizes and colors, which can accessorize a casual or too hip outfit. Silver and gold coloured pearls will always help you add glamour and shine to anything you wear.

5. Multilayered Pearls “Why wear one string of pearls when you can wear two or three” said Coco Channel, who was rarely to be seen without her fab pearls necklaces, in the last century. Want more celebs going for the “more is better” when it comes to pearls? Think Audrey Hepburn! Audrey Hepburn and her pearls

6. “Chained” Pearls

Glam-rock statement necklaces are still popular, you know. Heavy chains layered and alternated between strings of pearls will make a trendy statement piece.

7. Knotted Pearls

So simple but so effective to transform your pearl necklace into a super-trendy statement piece is to make a knot… You can knot it once or twice and experiment a bit to see which is the best way to make it look like a brand new thing each time you put it on.

8. Go for pearls sets

There’s nothing wrong with mix and matching but, when you want to stay on the safe  (classy) side, match the necklace with the earrings and the bracelet. In short, go for a pearls set! 

TOP TIP: Give your pearls a background: That little black dress comes to mind.

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