At home hair color that works without the harsh chemicals.

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Madison Reed Hair ColorDespite the hair color shelf at the beauty shop is stacked with hundreds of hair color brands and products, I am having trouble deciding which one I should try. There’s too much to read in small print, too much choice, too many warnings, too many risks. Therefore I have been looking online for a home hair color product that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals but it actually color the hair and offer a wide range of shades. I came across Madison Reed, a company who allegedly delivers professional-grade hair color products for using conveniently at home.

I checked out their website and I was pleasantly surprised to see that they have detailed instructions online as well as video tutorials on hair coloring …. I learned a few tips that I didn’t know before.

To ensure the best results for healthy hair, they use the latest formulation technologies to create nutrient-rich hair products that are free of ammonia and harsh chemical. In addition Madison Reed hair color is Resorcinol-Free. The convenience of coloring  my hair at home after ordering online makes me willing to try out this product therefore I ordered Madison Reed Radiant Color Kit.

Stay tuned as as soon as I get my hair color, I will try it out and share my thoughts and experience.



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