Overcoming 4 Bad Habits

Overcoming 4 Bad Habits

Everyone has bad habits and everyone struggles to overcome them. Some, like tobacco use, are incredibly difficult while others are a bit easier. Regardless of how easy or difficult they are to overcome, they can be overcome. Here are 4 bad habits that you can defeat with a little bit of help and a lot of desire.

Chemical Dependency

Whether it’s a legal prescription or an illegal obtaining of drugs, chemical dependency is one of the hardest bad habits to combat. Many drugs, when abused, have an awful detox process that makes the quitting harder. No one wants to feel intense pain or experience hallucinations, but to take back your life it will be necessary. Do consider an outpatient drug rehab where the counselors are experienced at helping you through the initial detox situation and the emotional dependency later. An outpatient facility will allow you to maintain your regular life while helping you navigate the breaking of your bad habit.


It’s very easy to overeat when you are stressed. Many shows and commercials show a person suffering from heartache hunched over a big bowl of ice cream. Eating our feelings is something we do and for many people, can become a problem much later. Unfortunately, it can lead to such serious health issues like bulimia. But even if you don’t do anything as serious as eating your feelings, simply snacking all day at work can find you packing unnecessary pounds and leading to some other health issues.

Do consider a support group, such as Overeater’s Anonymous, or a therapist who specializes in emotional eating. You can also talk with your general practitioner about the issue to see if they have any concerns or recommendations for you.

Overworking is Not a Good Thing

Even in our get-it-done-now and instant gratification society, overworking ourselves to further the career can really be a bad habit. Not only does it have detrimental effects on the heart (think cardiovascular disease, high blood pressure, and sleep disorders), it can have horrible effects on our relationships. Spouses will leave a workaholic, kids won’t know one of their parents, and family & friends will feel left out. Not to mention that it’s a fantastic idea for all of us to unplug and be outside on occasion.

Learning time management skills and scheduling resting time would be very good to break this bad habit. If it stresses you out to not be “doing something” consider taking up a hobby with a spouse or friend so that you are doing something not work related and still nurturing your relationship.

Nail Biting

One cannot talk about bad habits and not mention nail biting. While it seems like the least of someone’s worries, nail biting can be bad for the hands. Biting to the quick can leave your hands vulnerable to lots of germs and infections. Solutions include everything from wearing gloves to hot sauce on the fingers to sitting on your hands. Our own personal recommendation is to learn a new skill using your hands that is relaxing to you (knitting, crocheting, painting, woodwork, etc) so that when you feel stressed out to the point of nail biting, you can create something beautiful while de-stressing.

Bad habits are nothing to be ashamed of! We all have them and we all combat them daily. Don’t be afraid to share with your family and friends that you wish to change a bad habit. More than likely they will be your cheerleaders!