Learn How to Distress Furniture and Save Big Money

If you are like me you love DIY, home décor, and making everything in your home beautiful! I have learned that sometimes it can get a little pricey to turn your home into the place you always dreamed of. One of the reasons it can get so doggone expensive for me is that I just simply LOVE antique furniture. Modern furniture just doesn’t cut it for me. I love the old world styles, and when they come nice and worn, scuffed, scraped and with lots of peeling paint, well I’m hooked!
I realized over time, however, that I could not afford to buy every piece of antique furniture that I wanted, so I would either have to give up my dream of an old world interior design, or come up with another solution.
The solution that I found was learning how to age and distress furniture on my own. I first started seeing gorgeous pieces online and started thinking that there must be a way to do this on your own. I was more than pleased when I discovered that the internet was full of free and amazingly helpful tutorials online that show you how to make your own distressed furniture.
I was so amazed at how easy everything was too. There are several blogs that I ended up spending a lot of time on getting the basics down.

One of the key ingredients, I found, to getting a really authentically aged look on a piece of distressed furniture is using what is known as Chalk Paint. It is a brand name paint that goes on smooth, dries fast, leaves a beautiful patina, and makes it easy to scuff and scrape for an authentic look.
One of my favorite sites is howtochalkpaint.com where they show you how to make your own chalk paint at home for pennies….yes pennies. You can get their homemade chalk paint recipe here for free. It is so simple you won’t believe it, and if you Google ‘chalk paint’ you’ll see how much the name brand stuff costs. You don’t have to pay big money, and can get the same results by making your own and it’s incredibly easy!
Good luck!