10 Free Online Crafty Classes Worth Learning

The best way to stay young, physically and mentally is to do something new everyday and never  stop learning. For health reasons and to keep routine and boredom at bay, I am always on the look out for new exciting things to try and learn. And yes, I do like my freebies. One of these free learning opportunities has been the free online mini classes at Craftsy.com. They have hundreds of online classes on offer and being a member on their site (register for free), you’ll surely find something that you’ll feel passionate about learning. I must specify that all of Craftsy classes are taught in a professional yet friendly manner by experts in the field they’re teaching. Not only you can pause the class at any time, replay it over and over again, but you also get the opportunity to chat with your classmates (yes in this online classes, chatting with other students is not only allowed but also encouraged).

So far I have enrolled and taken two classes that I want to tell you about:  Sewing Machine 911 and and The Hand Painted Cake

The Sewing Machine 911

A god sent class as, after one year of not using my sowing machine, I wanted to adjust some silk summer garments and made a dog’s dinner out of one… tangled string and knots and crinkled fabric. I wanted to scream!!! . I realized too late that my sowing machine needed some TLC and just found the Craftsy mini class for it. Sewing Machine 911:Claudia Miller’s free mini-class  taught me how to pinpoint signs and symptoms of common problems, give my sewing machine some desperately needed TLC most importantly how to properly clean and maintain it. Perfect, now I managed to undo the damage done and adjust the other delicate silk garments with a a sowing machine running as smooth as a purring Siberian cat.

After all that hard but necessary work, it was time to do something that would put a smile on my face: )

The Hand-Painted Cake 

Well, I like painting a lot, the trouble is I lack talent and it feels like a waste of time and painting material when I throw everything in the bin at tidying up time.

All is different when you move from canvas to fondant!!! La vie en rose!!! 

Online Cake Decorating ClassErin Schaefgen taught me freehand painting techniques for cakes and tons of   tips and tricks. I learned how to add dynamic designs to fondant as Erin, guided me you through the delicate process of painting confectionery canvases. Whether you want your cakes to channel the works of Michelangelo or Monet, you’ll learn to paint with the dimension and depth necessary for any style. Erin will teach you freehand painting techniques, how to mix custom colors and her signature tracing transfer method, which will help you replicate your favorite two-dimensional images with ease.

At the end of this amazing Craftsy class, I was confident enough to hand paint a delicious fondant covered lemon sponge cake and eat it too. Now a waste at all this time as my two sweet tooth children and hubby ate my masterpiece before I even had time to take a photo of it 😉

Online Cake Decorating ClassNext time my kids will spend their week-end at their granny’s, I would love the challenging task of making a Designer Bag Cake and host a dinner party to show it off:

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