Fact – Men like long hair more than short hair

Although many women claim to spend a lot of money on hair to look pretty, it is obvious that some do so to attract the attention of men. The need to turn the heads of men has resulted in women with short hair resorting to finding ways to lengthen their hair. According to research, men find women with longer hair more attractive than those that have short hair. They say that long hair makes a woman look sexier and brings out her femininity in a way that makes them want to interact with them. Even so, there are some men that do not agree with the findings but they are in the minority.

Apart from having naturally long hair, women can still enjoy the feeling of having long tresses falling on their back whenever they want. The use of hair extensions have been used by many women to get long hair almost immediately especially when fixed well. There are many hair extensions to choose from such as Brazilian or virgin hair that give women a chance to regularly change their hairstyle while maintaining the length of their style. However, it is important to have a professional place the extensions in the hair to make it look natural and get a woman the attention she is looking for from men.

Top reasons for preference of long hair among men

Long flowing hair has its perks especially when it comes to attracting a man that you are interested in getting to know better. It is a fact that many men prefer women with long hair for a number of reasons which include:

  1. Long hair is beautiful

Men believe that long hair frames the face of a woman resulting in the enhancement of the features on her face. When long hair is styled well, it makes a woman look more attractive and worth admitting regardless of her age.

  1. Long hair is feminine

Most men instinctively associate long hair with women and are easily attracted to them. In most cases, women with longer hair get more attention than their short haired counterparts because at first glance, men will want to get closer to them.

  1. Long hair is sexy

When a woman pairs up a well fitting dress with long curly tresses, she is considered sexy at all levels. She can easily seduce any man because of her sexy look as many men enjoy running their hands through the long hair and playing with it to show their interest in the woman.

  1. Long hair allows for diverse hairstyles

Long hair gives a woman the chance to regularly change their hairstyles to complement their dressing and eventually enhance their appearance. Diversity excites men and keeps them from getting bored especially when it comes to their relationship with women. So, to keep your man glued to you, keep long hair and change hairstyles regularly.

In conclusion, having long hair is the best way to get the attention of a man you are interested in while enhancing your appearance as well.


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