A vertical chess set – so you can have a candle on your coffee table instead (see other gift ideas for dads)

perfect gift for who likes their cereals crunchy all the way to the last oneup the wall chess set, vertical chess set, Holly Berry Grow Plant Kit – for the gardeners.

How not to spoil the kids again: Bring them their childhood hero printed right on a pair of good quality pajamas. 

Grow your own holly berry for Christmas. ! #hollyberry




antioxidant red wine and dark chocolate , slimming, delicious, healthyChristmas is soaked in fat, sugar, spices, butter and all things nice. However, there’s no need to worry about putting on weight with the Red Wine and Dark Chocolate Diet. Trust me: you’ll Love it. Tip…sy: Mulled wine with Allspice and liberal amounts of cinnamon will help burn all the excess calories!

cocoa nibs image

Cocoa Nibs – a must have in any kitchen


 Staying awake:

sprinkle cocoa nibs on practically everything you cook, well – breakfast cereals, cakes, pastries…and wherever your imagination takes you. Result: alertness and good mood all around!

green tea in powder, eatible green tea, edible green matcha tea, cooking with green teaStill fitting in your best party dress on New Years’ Day: Edible Green Tea does wonders. Add it to your savory or sweet dishes and it’ll go unnoticed to your taste buds. Your digestive system will be thank you for it.


The Printable Games: There come a time during the Holiday Season when everyone gets a little bit bored. Bring in the lively fun with a pack of printable family friendly games.