Science Discovers 10 Ways Your Dog Boosts Your Health

Today’s gues will tell us everyting about the health benefits of having a dog.

You know you feel better and happier when your dog is with you. That intense joy when you hug your dog isn’t your imagination – people around the world identify with that experience.

But if you were looking for another reason to love your best friend like you do, or perhaps get a furry buddy if you don’t already, you’re in luck – here is a list of TEN, all research-backed, scientific-y stuff, too!

  1. Dogs make you exercise
    Notice how your dog hasn’t broken a sweat while you are already standing there huffing and puffing? Your heart and lungs have just gotten a workout, canine style.
    Their boundless energy forces you to try to keep up. The result is a cardiovascular boost for you both whenever you play or take them out for exercise.

  2. Dogs lower your cholesterol
    Researchers at the University of Missouri and the Australian National Heart Foundation conducting unrelated research both came to the same conclusion – that people with dogs have lower cholesterol levels. Men, particularly, benefit in this respect and even enjoy lower triglyceride levels.

  3. Dogs lower your blood pressure
    A research team at the State University of New York at Buffalo studying two patient groups on medication for hypertension was surprised to discover that there was a massive difference in the effectiveness of the medication between them.
    Those with pets had just 50% of the blood pressure increase when stressed as those without pets. It seems stroking your pet’s fur is therapeutic for you both.

  4. Dogs lower your risk of heart disease
    The American Heart Association (AHA) delved into the results of a number of discrete studies into the relationship between cardiovascular risk and pet ownership. It concluded that increased exercise, lower stress levels and lower cholesterol combined to greatly reduced risk of cardiovascular disease.
    Apart from the reduced risk, the study also discovered that pet owners actually enjoyed higher survival rates when heart disease did strike.

  5. Dogs are a cure for depression
    The Journal of Personality and Social Psychology published a study that explained how pet owners enjoy a level of social support due solely to the existence of a pet in their lives.
    Dogs in particular contributed significantly to their owners’ psychological well-being and even boosted their owners’ self-esteem and independence.

  6. Dogs can detect changes in your health early
    Dogs’ keen sense of smell is legendary and we use this remarkable feature to help us in locating disaster survivors, terrorist explosive devices and drugs. Now, it is being harnessed by diabetic organizations to monitor patients’ blood sugar levels. Yes, a dog’s sense of smell is so keen that it can actually detect the minute changes in an individual’s breath that low blood sugar induces.

  7. Dogs actually make you feel less pain
    There are two sides to this. One, interaction with your dog releases endorphins which are the body’s natural ‘happy pill’ and aspirin; two, that the interaction helps to alleviate pain by distracting the individual’s attention. Researchers in Chicago found the positive effects start with just a single visit from a dog, even if it isn’t your own.

  8. Dogs make for better relationships
    A study in the Journal of Applied Developmental Science found that individuals who had close relationships with their pets had similarly strong bonds with their friends and the community, were more confident and understood others better. These qualities make for a happier, healthier person.

  9. Dogs prevent allergies
    If you don’t have allergies and had a dog as a kid, you might have your pet to thank. Clinical & Experimental Allergy published a study that discovered that infants up to the age of six months who had pets in the house were less likely to develop allergies, or suffer from asthma, eczema and hay fever.

  10. Dogs make for a happier, closer family
    Our canine buddies are the ideal way to bridge gaps in age and to teach responsibility while engaging each other collectively as a family. Whether it is washing the dog or leash walking it, children, parents and even grandparents can share a common point of interest around which to gather.
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