Finding Best Deals on Beauty and Home Supplies

You want to look and feel your best at all times. The catch is that you can’t feel great when you’re spending an outsized amount of money on beauty supplies. As a savvy consumer, you want to buy great products at low prices. Here are three ways to search out deals for home and beauty supplies.

Become a Member

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Many major retailers and brands offer VIP programs. These programs reward frequent customers for their loyalty. Generally, you’ll receive a bonus when you sign up as a VIP. Then, you’ll earn discounts and free products after you’ve made several qualifying purchases. Since they’re free to join and offer immediate incentives, you throw away money when you don’t become a VIP.

Research the various loyalty programs available for your favorite products. Also, evaluate the ones from competitors that you’ve never tried. You may discover that you like them better, especially at a cheaper price thanks to their VIP program.

Follow Social Media

At this point, almost every major business offers multiple social media outlets. Take the time to follow your favorite brands on sites such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. You’ll discover that you can save a lot of money simply by checking these business pages occasionally.

Many trusted companies like Sephora offer their best deals on social media as a clever way to incentivize customers to follow them. Sephora coupons on Facebook are particularly important. Socially conscious feeds like this one work out deals with charities. A portion of each purchase you make will aid the less fortunate. By following Sephora on Facebook, you can save money AND do some good. Of course, plenty of other Sephora discounts are available online if you don’t have a social media account.

Savvy Home Deals

Finding the best discounts for your home requires a plan. The Bed Bath & Beyond mailers have achieved such legendary status that Hollywood stars like Kristen Bell sing their praises during interviews. It’s a store that can satisfy virtually all of your non-appliance housing needs. You need to develop specific strategies for maximizing your discounts here. The catch is that the coupons rarely stack.

The way to overcome this limitation is to earn as many Bed Bath & Beyond promos as possible. You’ll want to sign up for its mailing list as a first step. When you receive a discount, stick it in your car alongside your license and registration. That way, you’ll have it with you when you shop. These coupons never expire, which means you can store a bunch of them.

Bed Bath & Beyond coupons come in two styles. The 20 percent discount coupon is perfect when you’re buying an expensive item. The other type is a $5 discount on a $15 purchase. It’s wonderful for small orders. You should always stockpile both and then determine which one offers the better deal. The 20 percent discount is ideal for anything over $25, while the $5 coupon is best for items between $15 and $25.

Finding great deals on the items you need for yourself and your home requires some planning. Follow the tips above to stretch your budget effectively.