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No matter how old or young we are, we still want to look beautiful. Women were meant to be like that and it is in our genes to wish to look attractive. We want our friends to be jealous of our looks and we want our husbands to still think that we are the most beautiful woman on the earth. But when you reach a certain age, you realize that to do that is getting harder and harder. Why? Well, because let’s be honest, media and fashion usually focuses on young women. They create nice and vibrant clothes for young girls and the clothes for older women are colorless and simply boring. Most of the clothes that are really nice look great on a twenty-year-old, but if a woman in her fifties tries to pull off the same piece of clothing, usually she looks weird if not funny.

It is so difficult, because they try to sell clothes for girls, not for women. If you want to look good and wear something that is appropriate for your age, but not making you look older (because you still feel young), you need to work hard on finding something like that. And the craziest thing is that the older you get the more expensive all the skincare products get too. Why being in your fifties is so difficult and expensive?

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