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Ecologic and Natural Healing Herbs from the Mediterranean Climate
Freckles are cells which are pigmented and are found on fair skinned people. There are several reasons why freckles occur and one of them is genetics while the other is sun exposure. Melanin is a body chemical compound found on the skin and helps to protect one from the harmful […]

5 Secret Tips for Reducing Freckles

Audrey Hepburn style and makeup
A wedding for less – seven tips for saving pennies on your special day   Starting off married life saddled with huge debt is not ideal. The average spend on a wedding in the UK right now is a whopping eighteen thousand pounds! Avoid this by cutting costs to the […]

A wedding for less – seven tips for saving pennies ...

  **This post contains affiliate links and I will be compensated if you make a purchase after clicking on my links. Have you noticed how your friend, the one that is always complaining about being broke and letting you pick up the dinner tab, suddenly started showing up on Facebook […]

How to keep up with the ever changing fashion

Love Sac Giant Bean Bag
Winter is coming and it is time for darker nights and colder days. This is the perfect time to get snuggled up in bed, grab yourself a brand new mattress and wrap up warm! Whether it’s a film to watch when you’re relaxing, maybe just a lazy day in bed […]

The Top 5 Films to Watch in Bed  

prisoner of love adult woman costume, black and white stripes with sequin and hat,
Today’s guest will advise us on how to get that perfect hourglass figure through exercise and diet. “For any woman, her body shape plays a major role in how she feels about herself. Thanks to the media, the hips or the ‘bum’ as it is commonly known has become one of […]

Tips on how to get bigger hips

Kids Room Decor
Guest Post:  Okay, it’s easier said than done. Most eight to ten year olds these days like TV, games consoles and smartphones. Whatever happened to a nice walk outside with the dog or getting caught in the rain and not caring less? A local park is a pleasure. Fresh air […]

Children 8-10 years: Inspiration & Things to Do in Nature

Kim Kardishian image with partner and son
Today’s guest blogger will talk us through …  Celebrity Moms – What they dread and how they triumph Anybody with privileged information on the life and struggles of celebrity moms will readily admit that these extraordinary humans face intense pressure to bring back their glamorous selves after maternity. It is […]

Top Celebrity Mommy Makeovers in 2014

Beautiful Hair extensions with free delivery worldwide
We wrote about hair trends and hair extensions in the past and today’s blogger is sharing with us the latest hair trends across the U.S. “Hair trends are always a big topic in the fashion and entertainment world. Many working class people look to the celebrities to define the new […]

Exploring The Latest Hair Trends That Are Sweeping America

looking amazing with the perfect hourglass body
Here at, we like to keep our weight under control, therefore we include in our diet, healthy ingredients (green tea, Chia seeds, cocoa nibs, sometimes we even go as far as indulging in red wine and  dark chocolate. Today’s guest blogger is sharing with us some helpful tips ans testimonials on LeptiBurn™ […]

Weight Loss Supplement

green tea in cooking, recipe for chocolate cake with green tea leaves or powder
Here at The Simple Life, we love to party. We wrote in the past on party food, party home decor, Halloween, girl’s night in parties, printable party games, etc. Today’s guest blogger, will tell us all there is to know about an American Theme Party. “Regardless of whether you reside […]

Food Tips And Party Ideas For An American Theme Family ...

building kids' self esteem.
*Parenting advice from today’s guest blogger:  “As a parent, no matter what age you are, how you feel about yourself affects how you act! Think about a time you were feeling amazing with yourself, you probably acted really well! Children are the same way! When they feel good about themselves, […]

5 Ways To Help Build Your Child’s Self-Esteem

Dog Batman Halloween Costume
Today’s guest blogger will prepare us well for the upcoming Halloween with a few Spooky Food Ideas. What a treat!  “Halloween is the best time to bring the chill in anything you do. One of the most famous Halloween food recipes is the popcorn balls.Popcorn balls are simple to make is one of the most wonderful […]

Traditional Halloween Food Recipes

Today’s guest blogger will talk us through 4 Easy Steps to Get Rid Of A Panic Attack “Many people experience panic attacks; they are much more common than originally thought. A simple definition of a panic attack is a feeling of fear overcoming a person which causes a burst of […]

4 Easy Steps to Get Rid Of A Panic Attack

financial responsibility for children
If your child is a little bit shy it’s nothing to worry about. Emotional development isn’t an exact science that runs by the clock. In child modelling though, time moves fast and if they want to do well they’ll need to come out of their shells a little bit quicker. […]

How to Reduce Shyness in your Child Model

guest blogging opportunity
Today’s guest blogger will talk us through …   Best Ways to Maintain a Clean Home “Maintaining a super-clean house seems like mission impossible for so many people because they believe it requires hours of work. However, having a clean, welcoming and beautiful home can be really simple. Tidying Up for […]

The Best Ways to Maintain a Clean Home

baby socks ons: keep the baby socks in place
Having a baby marks a very special time in a couple’s life. In most cases, this momentous event will be celebrated with a baby shower thrown by family and friends. While this is mostly about spending time with family and giving gifts that will help the new parents in raising […]

Inspirational Baby Shower Game Ideas

boy laughing
In a pre-Yelp and Google world, families would simply get in the car and go for a drive to find an indoor amusement park, which usually offered amenities like a laser tag and arcade. Back then, these indoor amusement parks were massive facilities that also incorporated other sports like batting cages, […]

Miss Metaverse’s Kids Entertainment Futures Forecast

It was August 11, 2014 a day like any other day, until it wasn’t any more. News hit hard and it was hard to swallow, and those that heard it first didn’t want to believe it. It was a punch in the stomach, and as more details came out, we all heard […]


Beautiful hair in all colors
If you speak to any woman who likes to use extensions on her hair, whether clip on hair, sewn in or glued in extensions, they will probably tell you that they need to get some virgin Brazilian hair. This is a popular kind of hair that is believed to originate […]

What is Virgin Brazilian Hair?

how to eat healthy at work, raspberries image
When you are thinking to go organic, if you know certain facts about the organic food then you can act better. Even when you are thinking of getting online organic foods, these facts would help you out there. Either you buy food from the market or buy food online, make […]

Some Facts to Know About Organic Foods